Heinz's 'disgusting' hot cross bun offering divides: 'Too far'

Heinz has created a brand new hot cross bun flavoured mayonnaise.

Heinz has sparked debate amongst customers, after unveiling a very creative version of their popular mayonnaise. The condiment maker is no stranger to interesting mayonnaise combos, previously releasing a Creme Egg mayonnaise in the UK in 2019.

Their latest Easter flavour is Heinz’s [Seriously] Good Hot Cross Bun Mayo, which the brand describes as “one of a kind”. Customers can expect their signature “rich and creamy” mayonnaise, with toasted hot cross buns, cinnamon spices and fruit pieces in the mix.

L: Heinz's [Seriously] Good Hot Cross Bun Mayo. R: Hot Cross buns on a plate
Heinz has divided fans with their hot cross bun mayonnaise. Photo: Heinz & Getty (Heinz & Getty Images)

Heinz has described the flavour as “smooth, sweet and delicious”, telling customers that it’s the perfect condiment to go with their “favourite Easter treats”.

The limited edition mayo won’t hit shelves, with Heinz announcing on social media that customers have to enter a competition to win one of the 100 jars on offer. The competition is only open to residents in the UK, which could be a blessing in disguise for Aussies.


After Heinz made their polarising announcement, shoppers shared their surprise around the unconventional spread.

“This sounds like hell,” one confused shopper wrote.

“That’s so wrong in so many ways,” another added.

Heinz's website showing their hot cross bun mayonnaise competition
There are only 100 jars up for grabs. Photo: Heinz (Heinz)

“Even if I could get a jar, I wouldn’t!! Sorry, sounds absolutely disgusting,” a third chimed in.

“These brands are taking things too far now,” remarked another.

There were a handful of customers who were delighted by the Easter treat, with one declaring that they ‘needed to try’ the spread.

“I’d love to try this. Looks delicious,” another commented.

“I didn't win and I didn't think I'd be this upset about not winning,” a third admitted.

“I think it could work. Sweet and savoury…a bit like gravlax that is hickory smoked and a sweet mayo (a bit like cream cheese) on a spiced bun,” mused another.


Others were convinced that the brand was playing an early April Fools’ prank.

“You’re a few days early guys,” a shopper pointed out.

“It’s not April 1st yet!” exclaimed another.

“Surely this is an early April Fools’ prank,” a third added.

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