Harry Jowsey slammed by Netflix fans after Perfect Match appearance: 'Disturbing'

The Aussie reality star hasn't quite changed his ways.

Aussie reality star Harry Jowsey. Photo: Netflix
Aussie reality star Harry Jowsey. Photo: Netflix

Australian reality star Harry Jowsey hasn't quite turned his bad boy reputation around on Netflix dating series Perfect Match, with fans of the show taking to Reddit to slam the 27-year-old for his misogynistic comments and "manipulation" tactics. Season two of Perfect Match recently dropped on Netflix with various stars from other reality shows like Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, The Mole, The Circle, and The Ultimatum (to name just a few) coming together (no pun intended) for basically The Hunger Games of reality TV dating.

Hosted by Nick Lachey, the group of hot and horny singles arrive at a tropical villa where they attempt to match themselves into couples and win compatibility challenges that can see them make or break up other couples by inviting new singles into the house.

After catapulting to fame on the first season of Too Hot To Handle, Harry fell in love with Francesa Farago after meeting on the show, and the couple's on-again-off-again relationship saw them travel to each other's respective countries, break up again, get back together again, and even get "engaged" with a ring pop proposal during a Zoom reunion for Too Hot To Handle. They revealed in June 2020 that they had broken up again after Harry ended things due to issues including long distance.

Francesa Fargo and Harry Jowsey on Too Hot To Handle
Francesa Fargo and Harry Jowsey on Too Hot To Handle. Photo: Netflix

Following other rumoured flings, Harry went on to date Georgia Hassarati, another Too Hot To Handle alum who appeared in the first season of Perfect Match. The two Aussies were on and off again for about a year, before splitting in 2023.

This is where things get spicy — Harry joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars, with fans soon speculating he was dating his 18-year-old DWTS partner Rylee Arnold. The rumours were denied but Harry later admitted her was privately seeing someone during the time he was filming DWTS. On his podcast Boyfriend Material, Harry said: "What if told you I was actually in a secret relationship at the start of Dancing With the Stars all those edits and all that stuff kind of brought me and my girlfriend at the time apart,” he said.


Now, Harry has paired up with Jessica Vestal (Love Is Blind) on Perfect Match and fans are wondering if the two manage to make it work or not on the outside. While we'll have to wait and see, fans have also been less than impressed over Harry's behaviour on the show, from the moment he dumped Elys Hutchinson for Jessica, and the way he's handled any conflict coming his way by deflecting or using emotional tactics to win arguments.

In a Reddit thread about the show, fans haven't been shy to hold back their opinions on the "new and improved" Harry who has repeatedly said on the show that he's dating to find a wife.

"The comments that Harry keeps making about the women in the confessional is disturbing… Saying he 'smashed” Holly and Stevan 'cream-pied her' is literally making me sick. He always says the most disgusting things and he’s not even funny. at all. He’s actually horrendous and rancid. I cannot stand him," one Redditor posted as a thread, with many others agreeing in the comments underneath.

"'Spunked in' sent shivers down my spine. He sees women as objects he has 'done things' to or in, not humans. So gross," someone agreed.

Harry and Jessica on The Perfect Match
Will Harry and Jessica be a perfect match? Photo: Netflix

"Ultimately I hate how he turns shit around on anyone who tries to call him out. He doesn’t want to face it or be called out for what he knows he is. 'That’s so unfair' or 'I’m just gonna go home'... I’ve known so many men like this who emotionally manipulate and twist things back on you," another said. "How dare you have any reservations!!! How dare you talk about what I did!"

Another person on Reddit tried to defend the Netflix star, saying they felt bad for him, but were met with vehement disagreement.


"I don’t feel bad for him one bit. He is crying over the fact that people are calling him and TELLING THE TRUTH about his actions. He is manipulating people into believing he is the victim for treating people badly. I’m not buying any of his nonsense," someone commented.

"I did feel bad for him for a second when he started crying. But then I’ve remembered his generally arrogant and gross comments about women on the show and stopped feeling bad for him," someone else simply pointed out.

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