Outrage over groom's brutal wedding act: 'Aggressive'

A groom has sparked outrage online after he was filmed "aggressively" smashing cake into his bride's face on their wedding day.

In a video taken by a guest and posted to TikTok by bride Jade Kennedy, the groom is seen grabbing a fistful of wedding cake while she stands close by and looks at the ground.

The groom staunchly walks over to her with his hand full of cake as she runs to the corner of the room.

She is then seen putting her hands in front of her face to defend herself while shaking her head, before the groom smashes the cake into her face. The force of her groom's cake smash and her attempt to dodge the sugary treat causes her to hit her head on the wall before falling to the ground.

The groom then falls on top of her and picks her off the ground, exchanging a quick word with her before he walks off.

A bride hits her head on the wall as her groom shoves cake in her face.
TikTokers were outraged by the groom's 'aggressive' cake smash. Source: TikTok

Cake is seen squashed into the neckline of her white bridal gown, with a guest rushing over with a napkin to help clean her up. The bride appears to be laughing as she continues to brush the cake off her dress.

"Love my a***hole of a husband all the world," the bride captioned the video.

While she turned off comments on the video she posted to TikTok, people flocked to another video she shared to slam the groom's brutal act.

"What are you thinking? That was a red flag," one commented on TikTok.

"Don't make excuses for his (aggressive) behaviour on your wedding day. You already know it's wrong and have turned off the comments," another said.

"You don't have to tolerate that disrespect," a third added.


One asked the bride on TikTok whether the groom apologised for the cake smash, to which the bride said he didn't.

"I'm his wife he has no need to apologise over me and him having some fun on our wedding day!" Jade replied.

She added in the comments if she was OK with the situation then nobody had the right to "stick their nose in".

"Our relationship is perfect actually ... I posted that video for fun," she added.

Others jumped to the bride's defence on TikTok, with one commenting the naysayers didn't know the whole story.

"They both caked each other, just one was on camera," one said.

"He actually went to say sorry to her father once he knew she was fine. Unless you're there don't comment. No one got hurt, it was all a laugh."


Others offered the bride messages of congratulations following her nuptials.

"I hope you're OK, you looked stunning on your wedding day and if you're happy that's all that matters," one said.

"They are obviously joking ffs!! Congratulations," another commented.

"It's her husband, she's happy, you lot don't know him," a third said in defence.

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