Couple mocked over bizarre funeral detail at wedding: 'Disrespectful'

A bride and groom have been mocked online after a video emerged of the bridal party carrying a coffin down the aisle at their wedding.

The video, which was posted on TikTok, shows bridesmaids in matching blue dresses and groomsmen in cream suits hauling the black coffin out of a hearse while guests watch on.

The bridal party then carries the casket down the aisle and stands in front of it as a man who is presumably the groom climbs out.

"Is this a funeral?? No, this is how my friend decided to walk down the aisle," the TikToker wrote over the video.

A bridal party carries a black coffin down the aisle at a wedding.
The bridal party is seen carrying a coffin down the aisle. Source: TikTok

Other TikTokers were shocked by the video, with many commenting saying it was "embarrassing".

"Is he trying to say his life is over now?" one questioned.

"They all were so embarrassed ... I'd be embarrassed as well, no offence," another commented.

"I’m so confused," a third added, as somebody else said, "What an expensive bit".

"That's disrespectful.... if that's how you feel about marriage then why get married?" another TikToker asked.


While many of the comments savaged the couple, questioning why they made the decision, others praised the bride and groom and suggested sweet meanings behind the idea.

"I actually thought this was kinda cute. I interpret it as like, 'I was dead before I met you', or, 'My life didn’t truly start until I met you'," one commented in support.

"It could be symbolic to the fact their old relationship is dying, and they're starting their new life together," another TikToker suggested.

Newlyweds roasted over 'tacky' cake topper

The latest unique wedding idea comes after a different bride and groom were roasted over their X-rated cake topper.

While at first it looks like a sweet nod to their occupations, with the bride on the cake topper wearing a wedding dress and nurse's hat with the groom dressed as a fireman, one hidden detail got people talking.

As the guest panned to the back of the cake topper in a video shared to TikTok, the bride's dress is lifted up by the fireman groom, revealing her blue underwear.

"Absolutely not," one said to which another replied, "Very tacky".

Others however saw the humour in the cake topper, with some even saying they loved it.

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