Reality TV star trolled for ‘too small’ bikini

Bianca Soldani
Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry is being criticised for her 'too small' bikini. Photo: Instagram/Chloe Ferry

There’s no denying that 2019 has been the year of bizarre bikini trends.

Everything from underboob and useless buckles, to swimmers you can’t swim in and rudie nudies, have been trending on Instagram, but this latest look has less to do with the style of bikini and more with how it’s being worn.

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry is being criticised for wearing a bikini top that appears to be a size too small for her, but she’s not the only one doing it.

Earlier this month, Rita Ora faced a similar reaction from her fans when she wore the same style of ‘too small’ swimwear, while Emily Ratajkowski has also tried it out.

Then there’s the much more extreme mico bikini, which is significantly smaller still.

Rita Ora (left) and Em Rata (right) have both tried the 'too small' bikini trend. Photo: Instagram/Rita Ora/Chloe Ferry/Em Rata

Chloe’s comments section was quickly filled with snark remarks like, “Wish she would learn how to wear a bikini properly,” “U need to get clothes that fit u,” and “The bikini don’t fit”.

But her loyal followers jumped to her defence saying people should keep their negative thoughts to themselves.

“Telling someone to ‘get a bikini that fits’ or making fun of someone’s body don’t make you a better person, I mean does it genuinely make you feel better for dragging someone else?” one person wrote.

Another said, “There’s no need for everyone to be so nasty, she’s not done anything to you & she is a human with feelings. Think of the poor girl’s mental health,” while a third wrote, “love how every person slating her on this post, still f*cking follows her”.

We can’t imagine what the reaction would’ve been like if she’d gone one step further and donned a micro bikini like this one below:

This micro bikini takes the trend to a whole other level. Photo: Instagram/cjsparxx

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