The naked bikini trend sweeping Instagram

Bianca Soldani
Lifestyle Editor Australia
Aussie influencer Tash Oakley is a fan of nude-coloured bikinis and is seen here in two different designs. Photo: Instagram/Tash Oakley

Bikinis seem to be getting tinier and tinier by the season, but this trend doesn’t rely on awkward cut-outs or underboob for its shock value.

Nude coloured bikinis have been doing the rounds on Instagram over the past couple of months, with women closely matching the shade of their swimwear to their skin tone, to create the illusion of looking naked.

Sure, it’s quite clear when you look properly that these women are not naked - but to the average beach-goer with the sun in their eyes, these togs definitely warrant a double take.

The trend looks to be an evolution of nude-coloured underwear, which women have been wearing for decades with the intention of making their smalls as inconspicuous as possible.

Aussie A Bikini A Day bloggers Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley, are both fans of nude bikinis, as is former Love Island Australia star Kim Hartnett, and Gold Coast influencer Tarsha Whitmore.

Whether they’ll catch on outside of Instagram is yet to be seen, as we all know what we see on social media is not the same as what we see out in the real world.

But perhaps a burnt orange design wouldn’t go amiss when summer finally rolls around.

Women, like Aussie model and underwear designer Natalie Roser, have been wearing nude knickers forever, and nude bikinis seem to be the latest evolution. Photo: Instagram/Natalie Roser

Bizarre bikini trends

A whole lot of weird and wacky swimwear trends have been doing the rounds in 2019, including the invisible bikini which features clear plastic straps.

While this comes in a range of colours, the ones closest to people’s skin tones seem to be the most popular, and Tammy Hembrow recently went viral with a photo of herself wearing one.

Underboob bikinis - ones that cover the top half of your bust but leave a little out at the bottom - have also made a huge comeback, and we’ve seen a lot of belted swimsuits hit the market too.

But perhaps the most disturbing of all, are the swimmers sold online that are not allowed to be worn in the water. Have fun with that one.

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