This very racy bikini has sparked an obvious question

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
The metallic belted bikini and swimsuit that's got the internet talking. Photo: Instagram/ohpolly

It’s another day and another swimsuit trend has taken the internet by storm, with metallic bikinis and one-pieces the latest to get people talking.

When popular swim brand Oh Polly shared a video of models sporting their bronze belted bikinis on Instagram this week, one fan posed a very important question - in fact it’s one that’s sparked our curiosity too.

“Can u swim on these? (sic),” read a comment under the sultry clip, which essentially asked the brand if these skimpy swim outfits were actually practical for a dip in the pool or ocean.

With the daringly low necklines, and even more dangerously revealing thong cuts at the bottom, it’s understandable that shoppers would question whether the swimsuits will increase the risk of a wardrobe malfunction.

But fret not, it appears the style is absolutely swim-proof.

“Yes - both styles can be taken into the pool,” the brand replied on the social media platform.

What makes these swimsuits - called the Hidden Treasure bikini and Treasure Chest swimsuit - different to the usual metallic bikini, is that they have double belts across the waist and just under the bust.

Another post shared by the brand reveals the look comes in a shiny silver as well, and once again shoppers had questions when they saw the model pose in it.

“Is this a thong?” a follower asked, to which Oh Polly responded, “Hey! Yes this style is a thong design”.

Despite the clarification, we’re not sure how game we’d be to wade into the water in one of these. Nonetheless, happy swimming.

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