Furious debate after friend's parents pay for woman's holiday: 'This is wrong'

A woman has sparked a fierce debate after posting a TikTok detailing her decision to not take money on a family holiday with her friend's parents.

Carly Clement shared a TikTok of her sitting at a restaurant with her friend's family, with the caption: "You're on family vacation with your best friend's family and her dad keeps making eye contact because I told him I didn't bring any money on the trip."

She then posted another video that said on day three the friend's dad had asked for money for the valet.

Debate raged in the comments section of the woman's TikTok, with some saying she should not have to pay if she was invited as their guest while others believed she should not have had that expectation.

Carly Clement revealed on TikTok she did not take money on a friend's family holiday. Source: Instagram
Carly Clement revealed on TikTok she did not take money on a friend's family holiday. Source: Instagram

"She’s the guest ... don’t invite people if you can’t pay for them," one said.

"I would never expect an invited guest, especially a friend of my child, to pay," another said in support of the woman.

"I’m the mum who lets her kids bring friends and I always pay for everything … always will," a third added.

Others however were absolutely furious, with many suggesting she should at least offer to pay if she's over 18.


"If you're older than 18 ... immediately no this is wrong," one said.

"Just because I invited them to come doesn't mean I'm going to pay for everything? She's a whole a** adult. Inviting someone is not the same as saying 'come on this trip with me all expenses paid'," another added.

"I go with my friend every summer and her dad always pays but I still bring money to offer like it's the respectful thing to do?" a third commented.

"I'd be embarrassed honestly to go anywhere without my own money. God forbid something happened, how would you get home?" another questioned.

"Say you're entitled without saying you're entitled," another furious person commented.

It comes after a Costco customer sparked debate after she returned a rainbow layered cake to the grocery store after eating one piece.

The woman said she returned it because it was "disgusting" and got the $17.79 refund purely because she didn't like the taste.

Her followers were divided by her decision to get a refund on the cake, with some suggesting she shouldn't have received her money back.

"Hell no, I would never. I could understand if it was spoiled but just because you don’t like the taste, nah," one said.

"Nah I still wouldn’t do this just take your L and leave it alone," another said.

"Yeah no you should be embarrassed ... so many things I don't like but oh well just don't buy again," a third added.

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