Debate rages over woman's 'incredibly disrespectful' wedding outfit

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A woman has sparked outrage after she shared a video of the dress she was wearing to a wedding.

Posting on her TikTok account, the woman is seen wearing a gold strapless dress before hugging her partner.

The video however is going viral, with many slamming the wedding guest over her choice of outfit.

A number of followers have suggested she was taking attention from the bride, and it wasn't an appropriate choice for a guest.

'Way too close to white and bridal for a wedding," one said.

"It's wearing a wedding dress to a wedding that you're not a bride at for me," another added.

"Dangerously close to white – not appropriate unless ur trying to upstage a bride and make the day about you," a third added.

"How incredibly disrespectful," somebody commented.

The woman is seen wearing a gold dress.
The wedding guest sparked outrage with her outfit. Source: TikTok

Others however slammed people criticising the woman, with many saying her wedding outfit was "beautiful".

"Nothing about this dress screams 'look at me'. The dress is clearly champagne," a follower said in support.

"She looks gorgeous and all of you clearly wish you could pull off this pretty of a dress," another commented.

"You people are insane this is an appropriate dress for a wedding and she looks amazing," a third added.


It comes after a bridesmaid was slammed for breaking an unspoken wedding rule.

The bridesmaid was criticised after opting to not only wear white to the wedding, but choosing a dress that also had a train.

Taking to popular online forum website Reddit, the bride’s sister shared a photo of the bridesmaid along with the caption: “My sister is getting married …t his is the dress one of her bridesmaids bought.”

Explaining the situation further, she wrote: “For context — bridesmaids were told to pick out any 'gold' dress. This is literally a wedding gown. We found it online and it even has a train.

“She bought it without running it by the bride. She sent this photo with the text, ‘I found the perfect dress to wear to your wedding, so I bought it!’. My poor sister is trying to find a way to ask her to return it without causing drama!” she wrote.

Majority of people slammed the bridesmaid's outfit choice.

“I would probably say something kinda asinine if I were your sister. ‘Oh! Thank you for the suggestion, I already picked out my dress! Have you found yours yet? Let me see those beautiful gold dresses!’,” one person advised.

“Besides the fact that it’s a terrible dress, why white? WHY?” someone else asked.

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