TikTok bride savaged for making own wedding cake: 'Is this a joke?'

A TikTok bride has been savaged after making her own wedding cake the day before she tied the knot.

Using a Betty Crocker rainbow white cake mix, the bride wrote on TikTok: “Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea.”

L: TikTok Bride selfie. R: Wedding cake being decorated
A TikTok bride has been roasted for her homemade wedding cake. Photo: Tiktok/darlinggoose

Talking to her followers, she said: “I’m getting married in two days, and today I’m baking our wedding cake.”

Laura then struggles to stack and ice the cakes, before covering the entire monstrosity in a range of colourful sprinkles.

Adding a giant topper with the couple’s last name, she presents the homemade cake, with some comparing it to a 'volcano'.


The TikTok quickly went viral, with over 300,000 likes plus thousands of comments, and people didn’t hold back.

“Is this a joke???? It’s a birthday cake,” one user wrote.

“Why didn’t you practice first,” another asked.

“You could’ve at least watched a YouTube tutorial bruh,” a third chimed in.

“Not me thinking you were a professional baker and this was going to turn out so good,” another added.

L: Boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix. R: The bride with her finished wedding cake
Her finished cake didn't look professional at all. Photo: Tiktok/darlinggoose

However, there were many commenters who praised the thrifty bride for saving hundreds of dollars by making her own cake.

“Thank god someone has some common sense and doesn’t pay $500 for a wedding cake. You’re beautiful, let that shine not your cake!!!” one told her.

“‘Is this a joke’ — That cake is gonna taste BOMB and you didn’t get trapped by the wedding industry price scam. 12/10,” another praised the bride.

“Wait why are people hating? This is such a vibe and the pics are gonna be so cute,” a third added.

Betty Crocker even commented, writing: “How beautiful! You rocked it!”

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