Woman sparks fierce debate after returning Costco cake: 'Disgusting'

A woman has sparked fierce debate after she returned a $17 rainbow cake to Costco because she did not like the taste.

Posting a video on her TikTok account @generationalchange, the woman said the rainbow layer cake covered in sprinkles was "disgusting".

"So I'm on my way to return this disgusting cake that I got at Costco," she told her followers.

"I'm a bit embarrassed because I don't ever like returning grocery products so this is my first time.

"But shoot, for $17.79, you best believe I'm dragging my a** over to Costco and asking for a refund."

A rainbow Costco cake and a woman holding a receipt.
The woman's decision to refund the cake sparked debate. Source: TikTok

The woman is then seen returning the cake to the cashier, with a slice cut out of it.

"Can I return this cake?" she is heard saying to the cashier who responds, "What's wrong with it?"

"It's not good at all," the woman said, before the cashier says, "No?"


The woman then cuts to her sitting in her car with her receipt, telling her followers she got her money back.

"I was a bit surprised that she asked me what was wrong with it, but I told her it wasn't good at all," she said.

"I was a bit embarrassed ... like I said, I've never done this before."

Woman's act divides opinion

Her followers were divided by the woman's decision to get a refund on the cake, with some suggesting she shouldn't have got her money back based on the fact she didn't like the taste.

"Hell no, I would never. I could understand if it was spoiled but just because you don’t like the taste, nah," one said.

"Nah I still wouldn’t do this just take your L and leave it alone," another said.

"Yeah no you should be embarrassed ... so many things I don't like but oh well just don't buy again," a third added.

Others however thought the woman was well within her rights to return the cake.

"Never be ashamed of that that’s some extra money you can save for your family," one follower commented.

"I would've been embarrassed before inflation but fast forward to now... hell nah! Kudos to you girl! Times are tough!" another said in support.

"Never be ashamed! That’s YOUR money!" a third added.

According to Costco's website, it will refund items under its 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

"Simply bring the product to any Costco warehouse and our Members Services Team will be happy to assist you," it says.

"It helps if you have the receipt or original product packaging, but it may not be necessary to process your return."

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