Farmer Wants A Wife viewers question ‘overdramatised’ kissing lie

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Farmer Wants A Wife viewers are questioning last night’s episode after Farmer Andrew said goodbye to one contestant for causing too much drama.

Fans on Twitter believe that the events that occurred are ‘overdramatised’ and shouldn’t have affected who went home.

Farmer Andrew with his top five ladies.
Viewers online believe Farmer Andrew sent the wrong girl home. Photo: Channel 7

The drama first began in Tuesday night’s episode when 30-year-old Lucy revealed to the other contestants that Farmer Andrew told her she was a “front runner” coming into the show.

Lucy also said that Andrew tried to kiss her, but she had rejected it.

After fellow contestant Rachael confronted Farmer Andrew with the gossip, he said that it had been blown out of proportion and Lucy had “completely misread what the situation was”.


Despite breaking down in tears, Lucy decided to stay on the farm and told Andrew that the truth “got really out of hand and misconstrued”.

When it came to eliminating someone in the next episode, however, Andrew chose to send Lucy packing.

Sitting down with the transport administrator, Andrew explained that the incident from the previous episode was “one of the worst times” of his life.

“I know deep down you’ve got a massive heart and you’re a really good chick,” he began.

“As much as it sucks, I can’t sit there and think what we would be if we weren’t in this situation because I can only go off what I can see.”

Farmer Andrew saying goodbye to Lucy.
Farmer Andrew said goodbye to Lucy as there was too much drama surrounding her from the previous episode. Photo: Channel 7

Lucy admitted to the cameras that while it’s a shame the gossip lead to the end of their relationship, “everything happens for a reason”.

“I am leaving the farm with a bit of heavy heart just because conversations could have been had and communication could have been much better,” said Lucy. “Everything could have been very, very different.”

Farmer Andrew was visibly upset watching her leave his farm.

“Saying goodbye to Lucy, as hard as it was, it had to be done,” he admitted. “Maybe if we did meet in a different time and place things would be different.”

Farmer Andrew crying.
Farmer Andrew still has four girls left on the farm to choose from. Photo: Channel 7

Fans online were confused with the reason Lucy was sent home, with some saying that Farmer Andrew said goodbye to the wrong girl.

“Farmer Andrew got played,” one person tweeted. “Lucy didn’t cause the drama, Rachael only brought it up to him to get Lucy voted off the island.”

“Either I’ve missed something or was the reason for the sending home of Lucy a bit overdramatised,” someone else asked.

Others believed it was Lucy’s time to go as she was a “drama queen”.

“She knew what she was saying,” a follower wrote. “She's divisive.”

“You literally lied to his face,” another shared, while a third added, “Lucy can’t do drama, but created the drama.”

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