Farmer Wants A Wife viewers slam show for ‘ageist’ elimination

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Farmer Wants A Wife viewers aren’t pleased with one farmer’s shock decision to eliminate a contestant seemingly based on her age.

During last night’s episode, Tammy told producers that she believes the fact that she’s 40 years old was the reason Farmer Will, 39, sent her home.

Farmer wants a wife Will with his top 5 girls.
Farmer Will picked Tammy (far right) for his first one-on-one date in the show’s first episode. Photo: Channel 7

Tammy was the lucky lady chosen for Farmer Will’s 24-hour date after hitting it off in the premiere episode, meaning they got to spend a full day on the farm together alone.

When the other four girls arrived, Will began asking each of his potential partners about their desires for a family.

Tammy explained to him that while she’d love to have kids, it would come down to whether or not she meets the right person in time.

“Obviously I’m a lot older than you girls,” the beauty and massage therapist laughed nervously. “For me, there is that time-running out kind of thing.”


Tammy, who describes herself as “young at heart”, says she usually dates younger guys and hasn’t taken much notice of her age in the past.

After the farmers were each sent a letter explaining that they must send one lady home if they didn’t feel a connection, Farmer Will chose to say goodbye to Tammy.

“This is so ridiculously hard for me, and this is why I can’t even make eye contact with you,” he told her.

“You have done absolutely nothing wrong, you’re wonderful.”

Tammy speaking with producers on farmer wants a wife
Tammy said she was aware that Will wasn’t pleased with her answer about children. Photo: Channel 7

Before departing, Tammy reflected to the producers on why she thought she was the first girl asked to leave.

“I think possibly my age might be an underlying factor,” she began.

“I don’t think Will’s ready for settling down and kids right away. I think that’s more like a long-term thing for him. So therefore I think probably one of the other girls will be more suited to him in that respect.”

It was clear that Will was heavy with guilt after her exit, saying that he didn’t expect it to be this tough.

“It’s been fun and games until now and then it dawns on me, I’ve got to do this at least three more times which is just horrible,” he remarked.

Farmer Will on farmer wants a wife
Farmer Will said he felt “sick” after saying goodbye to Tammy. Photo: Channel 7

Fans on Twitter were less than impressed with Farmer Will, saying that it was wrong to eliminate someone based on their age.

“Of course her age was the reason he sent her home,” one person commented. “Question is, why did he keep her for the farm when he was gonna let her go so quickly?”

“If he doesn’t like you for your age, he doesn’t deserve you,” another added.

Other users were more sympathetic to Will’s decision, saying that they understood where he was coming from.

“Of course she’s upset mate but I’m glad he was able to be honest,” someone shared.

“Poor Will, at least he knows what he wants,” a fan tweeted.

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