Farmer Wants A Wife's Sam slammed for giving Mackenzie a hickey

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Farmer Wants A Wife fans slammed Farmer Sam on Tuesday night after it was revealed he'd given Mackenzie and hickey that did not go unnoticed by the other women.

Sam took the ladies tubing as a way to have some fun, but things took a turn for the worst when he was questioned over the hickey situation.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Mackenzie
Farmer Sam was slammed on Tuesday night for giving Mackenzie a hickey. Photo: Seven

While Mackenzie and Demi were out on the water, Nickia and Allanah were chatting about what happened the night before.

"Mackenzie didn’t get to bed until 2.30 in the morning and then this morning, she saw my mouth fall open, and she’s like 'What?'" Nickia told Allanah.


"I said, 'Is that a hickey on your neck?' And she’s like, 'What no, that's a bruise'."

Allanah had also noticed how close Sam seemed to be with Mackenzie, telling the cameras, "It hurts all of us, not just me."

When Sam was back with the group, Allanah decided to ask him about the hickey in front of everyone, saying, "Can we talk about last night, the big hickey?"

Farmer Wants A Wife's Sam
Sam wasn't expecting to have to talk about the kiss he shared with Mackenzie. Photo: Seven

"Is it a rash or a hickey?" Sam asks, seemingly nervous.

"You'd know, you put it there," Allanah tells him.

When asked if Sam and Mackenzie "hooked up" the night before, Sam is honest, telling the women, "Yeah, we did."

Nickia thanks him for being honest, but Demi is clearly upset that Mackenzie is getting all of Sam's attention, telling him he's not giving everyone else enough of his time.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Nickia
Nickia reenacting her reaction to seeing the hickey on Mackenzie's neck. Photo: Seven

Sam is clearly overwhelmed and simply walks away with Mackenzie telling the cameras, "It felt like everyone was ganging up on him."

Twitter users were also unimpressed with one writing, "Sam already gave Mackenzie a hickey! That’s poor form by Sam. I feel bad for the other ladies. It’s really awkward! A real s****y situation to be in."

"Who the hell past the age of 15 gives another person a hickey?" another questioned.

"A hickey? C’mon mate what is this, high school?" someone else added.

"Ooooo a secret hickey rumour already!" one excited user wrote.

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