Farmer Wants A Wife’s Hayley posts update on relationship with Matt

Farmer Wants a Wife star Hayley Love made headlines last month when she claimed to be pregnant with Farmer Will’s child, despite being on the show competing for Farmer Matt’s heart.

While the 25-year-old is no longer in a relationship with Will, there has been plenty of fan speculation that she and Matt have recently reunited.

Farmer Will and Hayley.
There has been fan speculation that Hayley and Farmer Matt have reunited. Photos: Instagram/hayleyjlove

However, Hayley has now taken to Instagram to clear up the romance rumours during a fan Q&A.

In response to a follower asking her if she was back with the cattle and fodder farmer, she wrote: “No I’m not. We speak every day on the phone but I’ve got a little bubba on the way and all my focus is on being the best mother I can be.

“Farmer Matt has known since I was 12 weeks pregnant and has been super supportive.

“I do hope Matt finds the right gal though,” she added with a red love heart.

Hayley's Instagram story with Farmer Will.
Hayley said that Matt has been ‘super supportive’ during her pregnancy. Photo: Instagram/hayleyjlove

Hayley, who is currently 26-weeks pregnant, was also asked by a follower to “clear [up] rumours” of who the father of her unborn child is.

“This has come up a lot in the questions,” she replied.

“I made a statement on when this all came out. I wouldn’t say someone was the father if I wasn’t certain. I won’t be discussing it again.”


Her comments come shortly after Farmer Will released his first proper statement about Hayley’s baby news earlier this month.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, the sheep and cattle farmer detailed the importance of parenthood to him in light of the claims.

“When the time comes, I will be the best Dad I can be,” he wrote.

“If this is in fact my child, I’ll be there whenever the child needs me. Even if as parents we can’t be a couple, our family will be filled with love for our child.”

Farmer Will.
Farmer Will recently responded to claims from contestant Hayley Love that she is pregnant with his child. Photo: Channel 7

In Hayley’s announcement in July, she alleged that she began a relationship with Farmer Will in December - after the show was filmed but before the reunion episode took place.

She also said that their romance started after Will had told her that he was no longer with his winner, 32-year-old nurse Jaimee.

However, as fans would know, the highly-anticipated Farmer Wants A Wife reunion special featured Farmer Will looking very ‘loved-up’ with his chosen lady.

After they discussed their feelings for one another and plans for their future, host Natalie Gruzlewski appeared on-screen at the very end of the episode to reveal Hayley’s pregnancy news. However, she neglected to mention that Farmer Will is the rumoured father.

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