Farmer Wants A Wife’s Tara slams show: ‘Incredibly disappointed’

Not long after the final episode of Farmer Wants A Wife aired on TV, contestant Tara Hurl took to social media to slam the reality series.

The 25-year-old ended up winning Farmer Matt’s heart on the show but claims that viewers didn’t get to see her whole experience.

Tara and Farmer Matt.
Matt chose Tara in the final episode of Farmer Wants A Wife. Photo: Supplied

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Tara described her time on TV as a “bloody whirlwind” and said that she’s had difficulties reliving “something filmed so long ago”.

“Obviously I am incredibly disappointed in the way Fremantle Media, Channel 7 and the entirety of Farmer Wants A Wife was produced and edited,” she began.


The executive assistant went on to claim that she was “singled out consistently” and also “put in situations” that she didn’t agree with.

However, Tara said that her time on the show taught her to stand up for herself, and she will “publicly call anyone out” that has anything negative to say online about her or her fellow contestants.

“Your comments are unnecessary and are extremely hurtful, regardless of how small-minded you are,” she wrote to the social media trolls.

Tara also posted behind-the-scenes photos of the reality show on her Instagram story, describing the motel room that she stayed in while filming the finale as “disgusting”.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Seven for comment.

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While neither Tara nor Farmer Matt has confirmed the current status of their relationship, Farmer Andrew and his chosen lady Jess have told fans that they’re still in love.

“Andrew you have my whole heart,” Jess wrote on Instagram shortly after the final episode aired. “7 months on and I can finally let the world know that I have found my penguin.”

Jess and Farmer Andrew.
Farmer Andrew and Jess are still together post-show. Photo: Supplied

The couple recently spoke with the Daily Telegraph for a tell-all interview and made shocking claims about what went on behind the scenes.

“Andrew knew he was going to pick me, so we went to the producers and told them we'd fallen in love and wanted to leave, but they said no,” Jess said.

The 27-year-old also claimed that producers told the pair to keep their connection a secret from the other contestants “because it would mean the whole show would have to stop filming and people would lose their jobs.”

Yahoo Lifestyle was supplied with a statement from production company Freemantle in relation to Jess and Andrew’s claims, acknowledging how ‘challenging’ and ‘stressful’ reality TV can be for contestants.

“The producers of FWAW acknowledge that being a contestant on a reality television show trying to find love is challenging and can be stressful at times.

“The producers of FWAW have in place extensive policies and procedures to create a safe environment for all parties involved in production and we continue to offer support to all our contestants.”

Additional reporting by Gillian Wolski.

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