Farmer Wants a Wife reunion slammed for ‘hiding’ pregnancy scandal

It was meant to be the reality TV event of the year, but viewers were left underwhelmed and slightly confused with the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion on Wednesday night.

While the season has seen more drama occur post-show than actually on-screen - with contestant Hayley Love claiming last month that she is pregnant with Farmer Will’s baby - the finale special has been criticised for the way it addressed the recent scandal.

Farmer Will and Hayley.
Fans have criticised the way the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion addressed Hayley and Will’s baby drama. Photos: Channel 7

The reunion was filmed in January, a month after the farmers made their final decisions, and featured Farmer Will looking ‘loved-up’ with his chosen lady Jaimee.

After they discussed their feelings for one another and plans for their future, host Natalie Gruzlewski appeared on-screen at the very end of the episode to reveal the pregnancy news. However, she neglected to mention that Farmer Will is the rumoured father.


“One last thing before we say goodbye to another successful season of Farmer Wants A Wife, I have got some exciting news,” she began.

“Since we recorded the reunion, I’ve found out that one of Farmer Matt’s ladies, Hayley, is pregnant. We wish her and her soon-to-be bundle of joy all the very best.”

Farmer Wants A Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski.
Host Natalie appeared at the very end of the episode to mention Hayley’s pregnancy. Photo: Channel 7

Hayley previously alleged that her relationship with Farmer Will had begun after the show’s finale in December, but before the reunion was filmed in January.

She also told that their romance came to an end in April after Hayley told Will she was expecting.

Meanwhile, Farmer Will shared his first statement about Hayley’s pregnancy earlier this month, saying he was “sad” that the situation has played out in public but cast doubt on whether he was actually the father.

“If this is in fact my child, I’ll be there whenever the child needs me. Even if as parents we can’t be a couple, our family will be filled with love for our child,” he wrote on Instagram.

Farmer Will and Jaimee.
Will and Jaimee appeared at the reunion together looking ‘loved-up’, but fans think it was all an act. Photo: Channel 7

Viewers were clearly shocked by the way the show handled the drama, as well as the decision to include an interview with Will and Jaimee when it’s speculated she knew about the pregnancy before filming.

“Omg I can’t believe they mentioned Hayley is pregnant but don’t say it’s Will’s baby,” one person tweeted.

“Holy Dooley how about that gloss over of the pregnancy scandal!” another remarked, with a third adding, “That was confusing”.

“Strange watching Will and Jamiee together because Hayley said her and Will’s relationship began before the reunion and she had spoken to Jamiee before it,” someone else said.

“This whole Will and Jaimee thing just feels wrong,” a different person commented.

Farmer Will and Jaimee.
Will chose to be with Jaimee at the end of the series, which was filmed in December. Photo: Channel 7

It also didn’t go amiss that both the Farmer Wants A Wife Instagram and Twitter accounts had restricted comments on all posts about Will and Jaimee.

“Comments turned off due to the ACTUAL drama that happened off-screen that these gaslighting producers refuse to ACTUALLY cover,” a user wrote.

Others simply called out this season of the reality show for being dull, adding that only one couple, Andrew and Jess, actually found love.

“This is the most boring reunion in the history of Farmer Wants A Wife,” someone tweeted, while a second echoed, “Worst season ever”.

“Nat says it's been another successful season of Farmer Wants A Wife. Has it?” another asked. “Two Farmers chose themselves. One Farmer got another wife pregnant. One found friendship. And, only one found love.”

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