Farmer Wants A Wife fans slam decision to bring back a contestant

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Farmer Wants A Wife viewers were shocked when former contestant Tara asked to return to the dating show for a second chance at love.

The 25-year-old decided to say goodbye to Farmer Matt last week because she was struggling to compete with the other girls.

Tara and Farmer Matt.
Tara made a shock return to the dating show on Sunday night’s episode. Photo: Channel 7

Matt was very surprised when host Natalie Gruzlewski broke the news that Tara wanted to head back to the farm, confessing that her choice to leave the first time left him “unsettled”.

“I didn’t see it coming,” he told producers. “How do I know Tara won’t do it again?”


The other contestants were also angry at Tara’s reappearance in the competition as they deemed it unfair.

“If Matt wants someone who’s going to leave him on the outside and come back whenever it suits her, then he can have her. I don’t care,” personal assistant Hayley said.

Farmer Matt.
Matt was extremely upset when Tara left last week, saying “that could’ve been my future wife”. Photo: Channel 7

Tara apologised for her abrupt exit while sitting down with Farmer Matt, saying that she had “lost sight of the bigger picture”.

“I do get scared of showing my emotions and my feelings and I have to be vulnerable in this now,” she explained. “I regret leaving which is why I'm back here.”

The executive assistant went on to admit that she had gotten caught up dealing with everyone else and she now wants to try again and see where the relationship can go.

Although he was hesitant at first, Matt ultimately decided to allow Tara to return to the farm after she confessed that she missed him.

“I’ve virtually brought Tara back in because we do have a strong connection and I do have feelings for her,” he admitted.

“There is some trust to be earned back, but I like to think that we could have a future together and something that could be very long-lasting, which is what I want.”

Tara and Farmer Matt sitting together.
Matt decided to let Tara return to the competition because he had strong feelings for her. Photo: Channel 7

The other contestants weren’t the only people who were upset with the decision, with many followers online expressing their frustration.

“Matt, if you bring Tara back you better be bloody sure she’s the one,” one person commented.

“This is a life lesson I try and teach the primary school students that I teach,” another added. “If you make a decision, you have to live with it, Tara.”

Other fans sided with Tara, saying she did the right thing and she shouldn’t be criticised for it.

“Good on you Tara for sticking to your guns and realising you made a mistake and wanting to change that, and Matt for giving second chances,” someone wrote.

“It must be such a hard situation to be on the show and she was brave to front up to everyone and put her heart on the line by coming back,” a different user posted.

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