Farmer Want’s A Wife’s Matt blindsided by contestant’s shock exit

Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Matt was left heartbroken after one contestant made the surprising decision to leave the farm.

25-year-old Tara chose to ‘put herself first’ and go home after struggling to compete with the other girls.

Farmer Matt and Tara.
Tara said she wanted to leave the farm because she found it tough to watch Matt form connections with other girls. Photos: Channel 7

While jealousy is something that regularly pops up in dating shows, Tara simply couldn’t handle watching Farmer Matt grow closer to another woman.

It all went down after Matt chose to take 22-year-old waitress Alex on a waterfall date, where they shared an intimate kiss.

Alex admitted that she felt insecure being around the other girls because she is much shyer, so she was happy to have Matt all to herself for the first time.


Speaking to producers, Matt acknowledged that their connection has been moving slowly but it’s now much stronger.

“She’s very genuine, very down to earth,” he reflected. “She does have a big heart of gold. I can definitely see myself coming home to her, for sure.”

Matt kissing Alex.
Matt admitted that his connection with Alex was much stronger after their one-on-one date. Photo: Channel 7

When it came to saying goodbye to one of his women, Matt confessed to the cameras that he was struggling to find a strong spark with 25-year old plumber Brydie and 27-year-old photographer Jacqui.

So it came as a massive shock when Tara, one of his front-runners, announced she wanted to call it quits.

The 25-year-old executive assistant was clearly upset when she went into the kitchen alone with Matt, and didn’t immediately respond when he asked her a few times what was wrong.

“We’ve spoken in the last couple of weeks about how tough I am finding this whole experience and that it’s just been getting a lot for me,” she eventually told him. “And I think I need to go home.”

Matt said that his heart sank and he ‘felt sick straight away’ after Tara revealed her decision.

“It’s not you,” she continued to the farmer.

“You know that you’re going to be thrown into it and you’re going to have to see you with other girls and competing for your attention, but until you’re here you don’t actually realise.

“And I didn’t realise how strong I would feel towards you as well, so seeing you with other people was tough.”

Farmer Matt looking sad.
Matt realised after Tara left how strong his connection was with her. Photo: Channel 7

Matt said that he was speechless upon seeing her leave, which made him realise how much he liked her.

“What really hurt the most was watching her drive away,” he confessed. “That’s when I realised you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. That could’ve been my future wife there for all I know.”

Fans were quick to share their reactions online, with many saying that Matt should’ve done more to keep Tara.

“I’m hating Matt for hurting his soulmate Tara,” one person tweeted.

“Wasn't Matt going to send Brydie and Jacqui home?” another added. “Just because Tara decided to leave, he shouldn't string them along!”

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