Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Sam hits back at 'rumours'

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Controversial Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Sam has spoken out following accusations that his farm wasn't actually his own, that he had a 'secret' second job and a 'secret girlfriend'.

The 25-year-old from Canowindra, NSW addressed the various 'criticism and rumours' in a lengthy Instagram post on Friday.

Farmer Wants A Wife 2021 star Farmer Sam wearing a red shirt
Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Sam has addressed the 'criticism and rumours' about his time on the show. Photo: Channel 7 (supplied).

'Criticism and rumours'

Sam began by clarifying that the farm that appears in the show is a 'family farm' that he co-owns with his brother.

"I want to address the criticism and rumours that are currently circulating regarding my time spent on @farmeraustralia and my life outside of the show.

"The farm you see in the show is a family farm. I have a partnership with my brother and I never once claimed that it is explicitly mine. I would hate to take that away from my brother."

He went on to state that he 'splits his time' between the farm and the nearby town of Orange, where he took contestant Mackenzie on a date.


Farmer Sam sitting in grass
Farmer Sam has been a controversial character on the show. Photo: Channel 7

Secret health battle

Sam denied he'd kept his second job — truck driving — a secret, and added that he found it difficult to fit in his 'work and life commitments' on non-filming days.

"I'm just like every other person out there - sometimes two incomes are needed to pay the bills. I drive trucks as a second income and that's never been a secret.

"Life is still going on while filming is happening. On the few days we had off, I still had to attend to work and life commitments and it was pretty challenging."

He revealed that his mum was experiencing a health battle in private during his time on that show that made some days very hard.

"My mum's health has been a recent issue and this was something I had trouble processing, so some days, like every human, I’d have a hard time. I didn’t want to have to talk about this out of respect to my mum's privacy, but I feel I need to address this to be completely transparent."

Finally, Sam refuted rumours that he was seeing another woman while romancing contestants on Farmer Wants A Wife, saying that that behaviour is 'not in his nature'.

"I never had a girlfriend while filming. I went on this show to experience life and love and form new connections. I could never do that to someone and I could never do that to myself. It's not in my nature."

Farmer Wants A Wife star Farmer Sam with his five female contestants
A contestant claims that Sam would 'disappear' some nights during filming. Photo: Channel 7.

Contestant speaks out

Earlier this week, a female contestant made a number of accusations about what Sam was like behind the scenes in an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle.

The contestant, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that the location viewers are told is 'Sam's farm' is actually an Airbnb cottage.

She said that Sam would 'disappear' some nights, leaving her and the other contestants alone at the farmhouse and creating a feeling of 'uncertainty'.

After the scandalous 'hickey' drama where he was grilled by the other women for leaving a mark on one girl's neck, Sam reportedly 'left for two days'.

"There was a lot of uncertainty. He left for two days and we were told by producers that they were not sure if he was coming back," the contestant alleged.

Additional reporting by Lachlan Guertin.

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