Farmer Wants A Wife fans notice contestant's uncanny resemblance to Aussie star

Fans are pointing out two contestants remind them of Home and Away's Christie Hayes who shot to fame playing Kirsty Sutherland.

Farmer Wants A Wife fans have noticed two of the new women on the latest series resemble a former Home and Away actress who was a fan favourite on the soap during the '00s.

One fan pointed out that Claire (Farmer Joe) and Caity (Farmer Bert) both reminded her of actress and radio host Christie Hayes who played Kirsty Phillips on Home and Away between 2000-2005 and 2008-2009.

"I can see that," someone agreed. "There's one there that looks like the little sister from Home and Away," another said.

Farmer Wants A Wife Caity and Christie Hayes on Home and Away
Fans have said Farmer Wants A Wife's Caity reminds them of Christie Hayes, pictured as Kirsty Sutherland on Home and Away Photo: Seven

While some fans agreed that Caity resembled Christie, others pointed out that Claire reminded them of US reality TV star Chelsea Griffin who appeared on Season 4 of hit Netflix Series Love Is Blind.

"I actually think Caity reminds me of Holly Valance," one person commented. "Caity reminds me of a country singer called Katie Hindle," another said.

FWAW fans said that Claire reminded them of Love Is Blind's Chelsea. Photo: Seven/Netflix


Fans convinced they've figured out Farmer Bert's pick

Recently FWAW fans were also debating that another one of Farmer Bert's ladies, Karli, reminded them of Suits star and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Fans have also speculated that the stunning brunette will be Farmer Bert's final pick, after he seemed enamoured after meeting her.

Karli farmer wants a wife
Fans think Karli will be Farmer Bert's final pick. Photo: Seven


"She was my pick last night straight away," one user wrote in a Facebook group. "Seems [so] genuine."

"She looks lovely and natural, I think they would be perfect together," another added.

"Karli took his breath away," someone else said, with one user adding, "He seemed a bit gobsmacked by her."

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