Farmer Wants A Wife fans left disappointed over Daisy's 'tacky' bedroom admission

"All us ladies had an agreement that we’d all be respectful of each other – and, unfortunately, Daisy hasn’t."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Daisy
Farmer Wants A Wife fans were left very disappointed on Sunday night after Daisy admitted to sneaking into Todd's bedroom one day. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife fans were disappointed on Sunday night after Daisy admitted to sneaking into Farmer Todd's bedroom one morning and revealed she got caught by the other girls in the house.

The farmers and their remaining ladies attend a black-tie dinner in Sydney before the farmers meet their ladies' families and make their final decisions. But it wasn't the dinner Todd probably thought he'd be having after Jacinta, perhaps realising she wasn't going to be chosen in the end, decided to go all out for Daisy and address the issue.


"All us ladies had an agreement that we’d all be respectful of each other – and, unfortunately, Daisy hasn’t," Jacinta tells Sophie from Dustin's farm as the girls get together before the dinner. "She just snuck off in the middle of the night."

"There was a girl code that we would be open and honest and respectful," Jacinta tells the camera. "However, she's been spending extra time with Farmer Todd, so that's been really heartbreaking for me."

Farmer Todd and his ladies on Farmer Wants A Wife
Farmer Todd probably had no clue what kind of drama he was in for that night. Photo: Seven

Daisy tells Keely from Farmer Joe's farm that she got caught sneaking into Todd's room, "I snuck into his room for a bit of a cuddle. They were in the kitchen and I copped it pretty bad and I'm expecting to cop it again."

Jacinta says the "dishonesty" has been really difficult for her, adding, "If she wants to play the game like that, that's on her."

Daisy tells the camera that she thinks the other girls are "jealous" and "intimidated" by her relationship with Todd.

"I think that the claws are going to come out tonight," she adds.

And boy, oh boy, do the claws come out. Jacinta decides to confront Daisy in front of Todd and Grace at the dinner table, saying she believes Todd is more suited to Grace, as she believes Daisy is "love bombing" the farmer.

Todd ended up sending Jacinta home, with fans left disappointed by the whole situation.

"No loss for her, he’s no catch," one user wrote. "He was disrespectful to the girls by letting Daisy sneak into his room."

Jacinta on Farmer Wants A Wife
Jacinta didn't hold back, likely knowing she was going to be sent home anyway. Photo: Seven

"So disappointed in him having Daisy in his bed," another added. "No surprise in Daisy’s behaviours. Lift each other up ladies and you all looked so beautiful."

"Daisy a huge red flag," a third wrote.

"She was horrible I hope he chooses Daisy," one user said of Jacinta.

"Not nice admitting she snuck into Todds room behind the girl’s back," another added of Daisy. "That pretty tacky. I guess she thinks sex sells,"

"In love after 5 minutes & she’s so disrespectful to others. Run Todd, run very very fast!" someone else said.

"Silly not to try and squeeze in as much time as possible with the farmer if you’re attracted to him," another said, defending Daisy. "An early morning cuddle sounds romantic . A common theme on all these shows is that women who are withdrawn, overly quiet and don’t make the most of every opportunity get sent home."

"Agree! They’re not there to appease the other girls," someone else responded. "They’re there for themselves... each and everyone of them. Early bird catches the worm so they say 😜."


"Nothing nice about sneaking into Todd's room behind the girls' backs. Tacky admitting it on national TV," yet another said.

Others agreed that Jacinta possibly knew she was going home and was saying everything to warn Todd about Daisy, just as his family and friends tried to do.

"I think she knew she was going home ahead of time and decided that she was going to warn Todd about how manipulative and dishonest Daisy is, because he seems to be thinking with his 🥒 and is blind to it, despite every single person on the show who's met her telling him she's no good," one viewer added.

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