Farmer Wants A Wife announces premiere date and it's very soon

Move over MAFS, some new love stories are on the way.

Move over, MAFS. Farmer Wants A Wife has announced the premiere date for the upcoming season, where five farmers will be hunting for everlasting love.

After numerous success stories from previous seasons, with 16 couples still going strong from the show's conception, five new farmers ranging in ages from 22 to 33 will be looking to find love in the reality show hosted by Samantha Armytage and Natalie Gruzlewski.

If you were wondering what would fill the void of MAFS once it leaves our TV screens tonight, then look no further: Farmer Wants A Wife will be premiering at 7pm on Sunday, April 14 on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

After a series of speed dates in the Hunter Valley, the farmers narrow their choices down to five ladies to invite back to their farms, where they'll learn the lay of the land, get involved in farm work, and go on a series of dates with the hopes of falling in love.

Meet the new Farmers below

The 2024 Farmer Wants A Wife series kicks off April 12. Photo: Seven
The 2024 Farmer Wants A Wife series kicks off April 14. Photo: Seven

Farmer Bert, 30

Farmer Bert.
Farmer Bert. Photo Seven

Farmer Bert is a 30-year-old fourth-generation pineapple farmer from Wamuran, Queensland, located 50 minutes out of Brisbane, and is looking for an independent woman who is "sassy and fun".

“Sassy, fun, outgoing, preferably likes the ocean. But if she doesn’t, that’s also fine. I can deal with that," he said.

Farmer Joe, 33

Farmer Joe
Farmer Joe. Photo: Seven

Farmer Joe is a 33-year-old cattle and sheep farmer from the Snowy Mountains region on The Monaro.

He is hoping to find someone to “come for a horse ride” with him, and if she doesn’t know how to ride he would like her to learn. Not a euphemism. We think.

“I think that’s the whole thing with me, just be willing and open to try and have a go is really important to me,” he said.


Farmer Dustin, 26

Farmer Dustin. Photo: Seven
Farmer Dustin. Photo: Seven

Farmer Dustin is a 26-year-old third-generation mixed cattle, sheep and crop farmer from Condobolin, NSW.

He says having a partner would be the “pinnacle of life” and is looking for someone with a positive mindset, also saying he wants a girl who is resilient and not afraid to have a crack at farm life.

Farmer Dean, 25

Farmer Dean
Farmer Dean. Photo: Seven

Farmer Dean is a 25-year-old third-generation cattle farmer from Kandanga, Queensland, who describes himself as “pretty laidback and easygoing”, and his ideal woman is somebody who makes him laugh and smile.


Farmer Tom, 22

Farmer Tom
Farmer Tom. Photo: Seven

Farmer Tom is the youngest farmer of the lot, looking for love at the tender age of 222. The cattle and cropping farmer from Nagambie, Victoria is hoping to, you guessed it, find a woman who can make him laugh.

“All I kind of really want is an equal,” he says. “Same level mentally and motivated and just kind of someone to bounce ideas off and motivate each other.”

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