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The simple meal that could improve your gut health

A healthy gut can play a crucial role in our physical, mental and even our emotional health.

Your gut health doesn't just affect what's happening inside your stomach. A healthy gut can play a crucial role in our physical, mental and even our emotional health.

"Our gut breaks down the foods we eat and absorbs nutrients that support our body’s functions as well as producing good bacteria to help keep the bad bacteria at bay," explains dietitian at Freedom, Ali Baldwin. “When you have a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut, you’re more likely to feel healthy overall."

Freedom's range of cereals
Freedom's range of cereals includes muesli, granola, flakes and puffs. Photo: Supplied

February is Gut Health Month, which is the perfect opportunity to re-assess how you're looking after your insides. Fibre is an essential part of gut health, and one of the first things to be aware of, as just one in five adults meet the recommended daily fibre target.

"Fibre can help you stay fuller for longer, moderate blood sugar levels and keep you regular," says Ali. "It’s also vital for providing prebiotics to feed the good bacteria in our gut."

Other tips for great gut health include adding probiotics to your diet, staying hydrated and reducing stress.

Freedom's Crispy Rice Puffs
Freedom's Crispy Rice Puffs are packed with fibre. Photo: Supplied


If you're struggling to find enough fibre in your diet, Freedom's Crafted Blends range of cereals, including muesli, granola, flakes and puffs is a great way to boost your diet with wholesome ingredients such as gluten-free wholegrains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

Freedom Crafted Blends Honey Nut Granola
Freedom's Crafted Blends range of cereals is gluten-free and packed with fibre. Photo: Supplied

For people with coeliac disease or a sensitivity to gluten, avoiding gluten-containing foods is necessary to manage gut health. "It’s important to include a variety of gluten-free whole grains to provide essential nutrients and fibre, such as brown rice, sorghum, buckwheat and quinoa," says Ali.

All Freedom's cereals have a health star rating of four to five stars and contain no preservatives or artificial colours.

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