'Fantastic' Kmart Oodie blanket hack saves shopper $96

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Have you heard of Oodies? They're a blanket/hoodie hybrid that has soared in popularity across the globe over the past year or so, largely thanks to our relaxed lockdown dress code.

The Oodie is the brainchild of a pair of South Australian brothers and while it's always good to support Aussie businesses when possible, at $109 for an adult-sized Oodie, they can be a little pricey especially if you're kitting out the whole family.

A Kmart Oodie blanket hack have saved one shopper nearly $100. Photo: Facebook (supplied).
One Kmart shopper's Oodie blanket hack has saved her nearly $100. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

Kmart hack saves $$

Kmart fan Silvana from Melbourne, however, has figured out a way to DIY her own Oodie-inspired wearable blanket and save herself some cash as well.

She took to Facebook to proudly share a video of herself wearing the homemade creation that she whipped up using a cheap and cheerful grey blanket from Kmart.

"Oodie Hack! From a $14 blanket to an Oodie!" she wrote in her post.

Silvana tells Yahoo Lifestyle that her family and friends were so impressed with her sewing skills that she's received several requests to make more.


Cute dog sitting under the warm blanket
What's better than a blanket on a chilly day? A wearable blanket! Photo: Getty Images.

Her fellow Facebook users were also full of praise in the comments section.

"Fantastic. You’re such a clever cookie," wrote one.

"Wish I knew this before I just ordered 2 Oodies last week!" joked another.

Silvana used a free downloadable sewing pattern from DIBY Club which is suitable for beginner sewers. Silvana says she's by no means a professional seamstress and instead relies on her high school textiles class knowledge.

"I'm a problem-solver, it was fun," she says.

For her project, Silvana used Kmart's soft touch blanket in double/queen size but advises others to go up or down a size depending on how roomy they want their DIY Oodie to be.

She also made a smaller version using the $12 glow in the dark blanket from the kid's section which features moons and stars.

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