Aldi shopper left 'shaken' after being told off at the checkout

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An Aldi shopper has revealed she was left "shaken" after a cashier at the popular store told her off for not packing her groceries correctly.

The woman took to a popular Aldi Facebook group to share her "unpleasant experience", asking if any other Aldi shoppers had anything similar happen to them.

Aldi supermarket
An Aldi shopper says she was left 'shaken' at the checkout. Photo: Getty

"I just had a really unpleasant experience in my local store reprimanded by the cashier for not packing my trolley the appropriate way and quick enough for her," the shopper explained.

"I was putting items in my trolley as fast as I could I also had some bags sitting in the trolley that I put some items directly into. Not a big line either but I did a fair sized shop spent nearly $150.

"Was quite shaken actually anyone experienced similar?"

Her post sparked almost 150 comments from fellow shoppers, with some believing the cashier was out of line for reprimanding her.


"Nobody, I mean nobody is ever going to make me throw my groceries I have purchased with my hard earned money. They will wait until I am done and ready," one person said.

"Yes, a few times. I thought about it after each time. Then the next time I said 'excuse me?' And she said it again so I left everything where it was and walked out. I’m not slow but Im not going to have squashed fruit and veg, broken biscuits etc," another frustrated shopper revealed.

"One day I want to just start throwing things back at them for s**ts and giggles," was another comment, while a third said they would "go Karen" if anyone told them "what I can or cannot do especially when I am paying for the goods".

aldi checkout rules
Aldi's checkout rules aren't for everybody. Photo: Getty

However, others stressed that Aldi has a clear checkout policy that asks customers to pack their shopping bags at packing benches provided in store.

Plenty of people instead called out the shopper for not "following the rules".

"Don't put anything into the bags, you're meant to put them in the trolley and then bag off to the side. That's probably why you were told otherwise," was one response.

"It annoys me when people pack into bags. Just do what they ask and pack over at the counter, then no issues," another agreed.

While a third wrote: "If you can’t do what most understand is Aldi's way, pack at packing bench, then FFS go shop at Coles or Woolies and stop slowing down for rest of us."

At the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in Australia in 2020, Aldi introduced protective screens to its supermarkets as a way to stop the spread.

Customers also quickly noticed a new checkout sign that asked customers to use the packing bench provided for "the safety of our customers and staff".

new aldi checkout signs
In July 2020 customers noticed these new Aldi checkout signs. Photo: Facebook

On its website, Aldi regularly explains procedures are in place to keep costs down for customers.

"Our business model is to be efficient and to provide you with top quality products at the lowest possible prices," the website reads. "In order to achieve our business objectives and serve you efficiently, we operate differently to other supermarkets."

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