Eye-popping wedding dress detail 'leaves little to the imagination'

Any wedding enthusiast might think, ‘I’ve seen it all in 2020. Nothing can shock me anymore’.

From nude dresses to nappy splits, visible G-strings and transparent bodysuits, the blushing bride has officially turned bold this year, love it or hate it.

Image of bride cropped close extreme bridal fashion
A detail on this wedding gown had wedding enthusiasts doing a double-take. Photo: Facebook

A new dress raising eyebrows online, however, may just take the cake for the riskiest cut of them, and give even the most desensitised onlooker a rude shock.

A floaty, romantic bridal number had viewers shocked with a very tenuous detail holding the bride’s modesty in place.

The gown was shared to a wedding shaming Facebook group where it likely prompted a wave of whiplash, so fast did heads turn to do a double-take.

The dress is an intricately detailed number, with puffed, polka-dot sleeves, a very high skirt slit peeking out from behind an opulent bouquet, and a high neck bodice in a transparent material with detailed embroidery.

Image of see-through dress with flower nipple covers embroidered and split up the front
The full view of the dress raised several issues for some wedding watchers. Photo: Facebook

It was the embroidery that had people confused, as they realised the flower and leaf pattern stitched in had deliberately been placed so two, very small flowers were placed right over the bride’s nipples, allowing her to sport the dress without violating Instagram’s no-nip policy.


Many argued the not very generously-sized flowers would spell instant nip slip for many brides out there.

“I have never had this much faith in a top before,” one awestruck individual wrote.

“Right, like what makes you think those stars are going to stay over the nips!?” another person agreed.

“Watch my future [father-in-law] and whole family catch my nips slip on my wedding day,” another laughed.

“There is very little to the imagination here,” another pointed out.

Others came up with a variety of fun nicknames for the new nipple-covering detail.

“It’s the nipple doilies for me,” one person wrote.

“Ah yes,” another wrote. “I want stars on my nipples for my wedding.”

“It’s the starburst nipples for me,” someone else dubbed the unusual pattern.

“Why would you put stars on the nips?” another queried.

It joins a long line of flesh-baring gowns that caused a stir this year.

Earlier in 2020, a completely sheer chiffon wedding gown left the bride totally exposed, not even a black g-string to her name, when it cut off the lining at the waist, leaving everything below exposed for all to see.

Similarly, another wedding dress was either aiming to provoke or simply forgot to add lining when a bride was left very visible through a see-through upper material.

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