'Where's the rest of it?': Totally sheer wedding dress stuns

We all know wedding dresses these days like to push the envelope, stretch the accepted norm and challenge modesty standards, but now one wedding gown has taken the naked trend to a very literal level.

Whether it’s a sheer material leaving certain assets a little overexposed, a plunging neckline letting it all hang out, or a high-cut skirt letting the legs do the talking, a sassy and sexy wedding gown is far from unusual these days – but there are some that do tip over into seriously taboo territory.

Many beautiful wedding dresses hang in the store
Less is more when it comes to modern wedding gowns, but how sheer is too sheer? Photo: Getty Images

One such gown caused a serious stir online this week, after it was shared to a wedding shaming group where, at first, many refused to believe they were beholding an actual bridal gown.

A completely sheer chiffon number from Israeli wedding label Dimitrius Dalia, the ‘Marilyn’ gown sure lives up to its namesake’s famous white dress moment, though a little more permanently.

Sheer Marilyn wedding gown Dimitrius Dalia
This wedding dress proved too much for some wedding enthusiasts who labelled it 'too nude'. Photo: Dimitrius Dalia

The chiffon gown features a structured corset-like bodice with part of the abdomen exposed by cuts in the dress.


The bodice gathers in at the waist, with a tiny triangle detail hanging over the belly button.

The rest of the dress appears to completely sheer, leaving everything below the waist totally visible.

The full gown shows a little more than is customary for a bride on her big day. Photo: Dimitrius Dalia
The full gown shows a little more than is customary for a bride on her big day. Photo: Dimitrius Dalia

Needless to say, observers were... confused.

“Where is the rest of her frock?” one wondered.

“This looks closer to what I’m wearing AFTER the wedding back at the hotel room,” another joked.

“Yiiiikes,” was another observation.

Some had to ask the question that was on everyone’s mind.

“Is that her vagina I’m looking at?” one wondered.

“Establish dominance at your wedding by showing your vagina,” another joked must be the mentality behind the frock.

The floaty gown did have some fans, though all agreed they’d prefer it with slightly less flesh exposed.

“If it wasn’t see-through I would love this,” one person wrote.

“If you literally just used a fabric that wasn’t see-through, I’m sure it would be gorgeous!” another agreed.

Others predicted at the current wedding dress trend would culminate in a truly nude trend, something that seems not too far off.

“Why not just walk naked down the aisle?” one woman wondered. “Same difference.”

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