EXCLUSIVE: MAFS' Hayley Vernon on refinding her faith: 'I'm at peace'

The reality star has opened up about how her career in the adult industry wasn't glamorous.

MAFS' Hayley Vernon
MAFS' Hayley Vernon quit the adult industry earlier this year. Photo: capital-hach.com/instagram.com/hayleyvernon_

Former MAFS star Hayley Vernon has shared with her followers she's been baptised again after rekindling her faith and finding Christ.

The reality star who featured on the 2020 season of MAFS, made headlines earlier this year when she quit the adult industry after a successful career in OnlyFans and sex work, saying at the time the industry had been 'soul-destroying'.

In a video shared to Instagram in April, Hayley confirmed she's ceasing all adult work "effective immediately", saying she has nine or ten more releases left and will not be filming any more videos for OnlyFans from now on.

"I will not be engaging or soliciting myself anymore or giving any of my beings to anyone further than what I have done," she said.


Hayley on MAFS 2020
Hayley appeared on MAFS in 2020. Photo: Nine

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Hayley said her spiritual journey started a few years back and while her life may have looked glamorous, she said the glamour wasn't worth the isolation and mental anguish that followed.

"For me, the spiritual journey started a few years back and I’d say over the past two years I was leaning more into my faith and pulling away from modern spirituality. I realised that doing life my way wasn’t working- the things and the life I had got me what I wanted in regards to material possessions but over time it continued to take away from me at an unseen level," Hayley shared.


"It wasn’t until I started surrendering and getting in my own way that I started to have peace. I know the journey in front of me is guided now with a firm foundation to live my life by. I'd say the same thing as I’ve always said in regard to the adult industry, I do not recommend it for any woman, this has been something I have said over the years of doing it when asked on podcasts and by women in my DMs – the glamour is not worth the isolation, the mental anguish and the negativity that follows that life.

I’m at peace, every aspect of my life has got better, I’ve let go of a lot, I’ve gained even more and I’m learning how to be the woman I was before MAFS, before trying to be someone I wasn't in the public eye merely to just survive all the bullshit that came with the TV show."

MAFS' Hayley Vernon being baptised
MAFS' Hayley Vernon has been baptised again. Photo: Instagram.com/hayleyvernon_

In her Instagram post celebrating her baptism, Hayley said her life had changed for the better.

"Every inch of my life has changed for the better, finding my faith has given me a firmer foundation to live my life on," she shared. "It’s absolutely by far been the best thing that has happened to me. I would have called you crazy if six months ago you would have said I’d be here. But truth be told there has not been one negative only positive areas of improvement- has letting go and being challenged been easy- nope- have I come out better for it? Absolutely 💯."

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