Viewers disgusted by vile sexist comments on Bachelorette

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Angie axed Jess from the show after finding out about his behaviour. Photo: Network 10

The Bachelorette Australia viewers have been left cheering after contestant Jess Glasgow was axed for his inappropriate behaviour towards Angie Kent and female crew members.

The prompt eviction came after he made sexist remarks to Angie during a group photoshoot, before calling her a “b**ch” in front of the men trying to win her heart.

Other comments included admitting he would have “laid one on” Angie if near her, and remarking another contestant should “just slip the tongue in” during a photoshoot - remarks which Jess’ boss, the Mayor of Noosa, has branded “offensive, crude and misogynistic”.

Onscreen villain

Branding himself early as an ambitious, albeit awkward, local councillor from Noosa, Queensland, Jess’ commentary made him fast enemies – both on and offscreen.

Online, fans were quick to condemn the behaviour, which also extended to unsolicited comments to an on-set waitress, makeup artists and a producer.

“That Jess dude on the Bachelorette is vile. He is an actual threat to women,” alleged one viewer.

Jess was axed from The Bachelorette after the second episode on Thursday night. Photo: Network 10

“I don’t know what is more outrageous. Jess' inappropriate comments or the harsh reality of knowing that my tax dollars are funding this man's existence,” quipped another.

Jess’ boss calls for his resignation

Voters weren’t the only ones to find fault with the cringe-worthy onscreen appearance, with the 36-year-old’s boss, Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington, telling Fitzy and Wippa that Jess’ days in politics were numbered.

Jess' comments towards Angie alienated many viewers and contestants. Photo: Network 10

“That sort of offensive, crude misogynistic behaviour is just not on,” he told the radio program.

“He can’t be fired but I tell you I’ll be speaking with Jess about his future on the council. I don’t see that he has a future on his council.

“I’m very deeply upset. I watched it with my wife, she found it very offensive as most women I assume would.

“He’s not young, he’s in his late 30s so he should know better.

“I spoke to him this morning and I told him that my recommendation was that he resign from his position. He’s under the belief that he can brave it out.”

In a statement, Mayor Wellington added that Jess “will be referred to the Office of the Independent Assessor for an alleged breach of the Councillor's Code of Conduct”.

But Jess hit back in at the calls for him to quit in another interview with Hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt, saying he had no plans to step down from the role.

“No, I’m not resigning that’s just not me, we all make mistakes,” he told the program.

“This is just one day out of my whole political career in Noosa and I made probably the worst judgement ever and I’m not like this in my day to day life and I won’t resign.”

And despite their differences, Angie actually offered support to her ex-love interest on Friday, telling Kyle and Jackie O critics should lay off the onscreen ‘villain’.

“I don’t need him to be online bullied, I can’t stand that,” she told the program. “I don’t wish him any harm or hate.”

“Now he can learn from this, hopefully, just learn to not talk to women like that if you want to make a connection.”

Noosa residents incensed

Jess’ association to his apparently beloved hometown didn’t sit well with locals either, who expressed discomfort at his now-public ties to the town.

“He should stop using the ‘Noosa’ brand. So embarrassing that I had to turn off. Is he even real?” wrote one constituent on Facebook.

Another agreed, adding “[Jess is] a complete embarrassment to Noosa.”

A petition has also been created on to have Jess removed from council.

Petition calling for Jess to be sacked. Photo:

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