Contestant breaks down in tears on first episode of The Bachelorette

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Angie had an eventful debut as The Bachelorette. Photo: Network 10

Angie Kent’s premiere as The Bachelorette Australia on Wednesday night was jam-packed with several different strains of drama.

From her brother Brad making a surprise undercover appearance, to a bevy of bachelors putting on some straight-up cringeworthy attempts at gaining affection, the evening was memorable, to say the least.

But one contestant’s debut certain stood out above the rest when 39-year-old firefighter Jamie broke down in tears after a heated confrontation with local councillor Jess.

Bachelor breaks down

Emotions were triggered when the group accused Jamie of lying about telling Angie that Jess wouldn’t accept her 24-hour if offered it—information that was actually passed on by her brother, Brad.

“When people don’t trust me, I feel worthless,” Jamie said in his piece to camera, tears welling in his eyes.

“It’s brought out this negative energy that wasn’t even in me. I feel like crying right now.”

Jamie, a 39-year-old firefighter, broke down in tears during The Bachelorette premiere. Photo: Network 10

“And I did nothing wrong. I put a lot of effort into this whole process and for someone to just come and do that to me and just blindside me … I’m blindsided!”

Still dressed in the figherfighter’s outfit he came in with, Jamie went on to refer to the emotional strain put on by his profession.

“I run through burning buildings and it doesn’t affect me but then someone tries to manipulate my emotions and … it’s just hard … I’m just pretty upset. I don’t even know how to come back from this,” he said.

Online, fans were sympathetic, with some suggesting the pooch he brought for his and Angie’s introduction could fix his woes.

“Jamie needs his puppy back for a cuddle,” one wrote.

Others were more defensive due to his intensive line of work, pointing out the tears could have been triggered my something audiences didn’t see.

“No one judge Jamie,” another fan quipped.

“Firefighters are extremely prone to mental health problems because of their job - he could have been bullied - we don’t know his story and I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t be doing something as stressful as reality TV.”

After pulling himself together, Jamie did in fact return to the festivities but was snubbed for the 24-hour rose in favour of Carlin.

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