Erin Molan clashes with Arj Barker after he kicked mum out of his show: 'Rude to me again'

"Maybe sometimes the way [Arj] speaks to people doesn't always come across that well," Erin said.

Arj Barker went on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin on Tuesday morning in an attempt to clear the air following the negative publicity he's received after kicking out a mother and her baby from his comedy show on Saturday night. However, things didn't quite go the way he had hoped after he and Erin Molan clashed as she attempted to facilitate a chat between the comedian and the mum, Trish Faranda.

ICYMI: Stand-up comic Arj Barker was performing on Saturday night and asked Trish and her 7-month-old baby to leave after the baby became a little disruptive to both him and the audience. A family member of the mum's then took to X to share what had happened, noting that the mum was breastfeeding at the time.

Erin Molan hosts her radio show
Erin Molan has slammed comedian Arj Barker during a live on-air chat after he kicked a mother and her baby from one of his shows. Photo: SCA

This, of course, led to public outrage that a man had kicked a breastfeeding woman out of his event, but Arj told Yahoo Lifestyle that he didn't realise the woman was nursing and "made the decision on behalf of the 700 or so other punters" due to the noise the baby was making, not because the woman was breastfeeding.

During his appearance on Hughesy, Ed & Erin on Tuesday morning, Arj said he couldn't see members of the audience clearly due to the lighting when he was on stage and only asked her to leave because of the "audio disruption of my show, that was going to be untenable for another 50 minutes".


Trish then joined the conversation, telling Arj, "I'm sorry that you were disrupted by my baby, but I do feel that you could have been a bit nicer about how you went about it, and maybe told some of the audience members that it's not okay to yell abuse at people as they're leaving your show... it was extremely disappointing how you handled it and how you let it get out of hand. You offered me a refund of $25, but you know, I'd rather you let me leave with my dignity."

Erin asked Arj, "What would you say to Trish's take on what happened?"

To which Arj sarcastically responded, "Thank you, I know how a conversation works."

Erin is seen in the video of this exchange appearing shocked at Arj's response to her.

"I felt really bad about it," Arj said of what happened to Trish. "And I was trying to convey that it wasn't personal."

He also offered Trish's daughter a ticket for a show in 15 years, when she would be able to attend one of his comedy performances.

Erin, clearly annoyed, then added, "I'd also say, we've had Arj on twice now on the show and he shut me down on both occasions. So, maybe sometimes the way he speaks to people doesn't always come across that well, I'd say that."

Arj then said he felt that Erin talked over him, with Erin now shutting him down, and saying, "Well you know I'm a radio host, Arj, so you say, 'Oh, I know how to have a conversation,' but we're trying to facilitate a chat on-air that's a little bit awkward and has a bit of history, so I'm just trying to do my job, like I was last time you came in. And you were quite rude to me again, so look, that's my observation. Take care."

Arj Barker
Arj apologised to Erin after she called him out for his rude behaviour, but only after he told her he thought she too was being rude. Photo: Getty

"Okay, well I'm sorry about that, I apologise," he responded.

Fans of both Erin and Arj weighed in on the debate on Instagram, with one user writing, "I think Erin always says what others won't 👏."

"Look... I think he was still in an upset state and when he said that to Erin it was rude but not a targeted comment," another said. "I have to say though that @erin_molan speaks up even when it’s upsetting or confronting and it’s really helping other women feel they don’t have to stay silent in these moments."

"He wasn’t wrong about the baby during the show but he was rude to Erin," a third said. "I think he’s truly over a non event thrust into media heaven by an entitled mother wanting her 15 mins."

"He was very arrogant to you @erin_molan," someone else said. "So can only imagine how he was to Trish. Although I wouldn’t take a baby to any show as I’d be stressed the whole time. Rather sit & enjoy myself."

Others claimed Erin was trying to make the situation about her and slammed her comments.

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