Duct tape bikini model suffers runway malfunction: 'Holy s**t'

A model had a scary wardrobe malfunction during a ‘provocative’ runway show at New York Fashion Week.

Leah Postol was walking the runway for the Black Tape Project when the accident occurred, while wearing an extremely skimpy ‘duct tape’ bikini.

Two photos of Leah Postol modelling duct tape bikinis on the runway
Leah Postol didn't let the incident faze her when modelling her 'duct tape' bikini. Photo: Getty

Fortunately for the model, it wasn’t the tape that broke — but one of her high heels.

A video of Leah on the runway was shared by the controversial Black Tape Project founder, showing the moment her shoe strap broke in slow motion.


The model appeared with thin strips of tape covering her modesty, with tape also creating a design around her upper thighs and arms.

Leah was the centre of attention on the runway when her shoe strap gave out, but the model doesn’t break her stride or flinch.

Instead, she continues to work the runway and even strikes a sultry pose at the end.

The founder, Joel Alvarez shared the video on Instagram and penned a tribute to one of the most talked about shows at NYFW.

“Probably our most provocative show ever. This show was an act of rebellion during NYFW. I’m no design[er]. I’m an artist. I’m here to make you feel some type of way,” he wrote.

Two images of models at New York Fashion Week modelling duct tape bikinis for Black Tape Project
The unusual fashion statement has caused a stir. Photo: Getty

“Any of you who feel the need to state the obvious about her shoe strap just notice she doesn’t miss a step. True dragon.”

Fans were quick to praise the model for being a true professional.

“When your strap on your ankle has other plans. ABSOLUTELY killed it. Not a single misstep,” one wrote.

“The fact you can’t even tell by her movements her whole strap came off her shoe proves she’s a whole queen and was made for the catwalk,” a second pointed out.

“Holy s**t,” added a third, while another wrote: “Damn she walked that runway like a champ. Anyone else would [have] fallen with her strap coming undone.”


Duct tape bikinis spark outrage

This comes after the designer came under fire for his ‘horrid’ and ‘painful’ designs.

Model Daniela Laura walked the runway for designer Joel Alvarez and shared snaps of her outfit on Instagram.

“What a dream to walk the runway of NYFW for Black Tape Project. A day I’ll remember forever. Never stop dreaming,” she gushed.

Her outfit consisted of black tape snaking around her cleavage in a cross, symmetrical designs on her upper thigh and three small strips of tape between her legs.

Daniela Laura and another model pose wearing black tape bikinis for the Black Tape Project
Model Daniela Laura said it was her 'dream' to walk the runway in a Black Tape Project bikini. Photo: Instagram/dani_laurafit

The largest piece of clothing she wore onstage were her black ankle boots.

It didn’t take long for the designs to attract negative attention, with some being ‘disgusted’ by the skimpy outfits.

“Getting the feeling fashion is just a way of trying to see how far they can get away with stuff without being creepy…” one person mused.

“What are they modelling? Skin? This is so disgusting,” a second wrote.

“Oh no! This is so…horrid! This must be stopped at once! Hopefully that doesn’t trigger any other runway shows like this,” another added.

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