Model stuns with bikini baby gender reveal: 'Best ever'

A model has stunned fans after she revealed the gender of her baby in a video of her wearing a bikini.

Nicole Williams English, who boasts more than two million followers on Instagram, posted a video on the social media platform of her sitting around a pool with her husband Larry English.

The black-and-white video shows the pair walking out of their house and laying on a picnic blanket while Larry rubs his hand over the 34-year-old's baby bump.

Nicole Williams English and Larry English embrace as she wears a pink bikini.
Nicole Williams English and Larry English reveal they are having a girl. Source: Instagram

She then changes into a small triangle bikini and walks into the pool as her husband watches on.

The video then transforms from the black-and-white filter to colour, revealing the model is wearing a pink-coloured bikini to indicate they are having a baby girl.

The pair are then seen embracing and kissing as they share the exciting news with their followers.

Fans lost it over the gender reveal, with one saying it was the "best ever".


"Oh my goodness what a cute way to announce," one commented.

"I loved the reveal! So sweet," another praised the couple.

"I'm crying," a third added while another fan said it was "absolutely gorgeous".

Nicole made the announcement she was pregnant while modelling a bikini at Miami Swim Fashion Week earlier this year.

The WAGS LA star was walking alongside her husband on the runway when she revealed her pregnancy after she untied a sheer robe to unveil her baby bump and black bikini.

Larry then kissed her stomach before they left the catwalk holding hands.

The moment divided people on Instagram, with some calling it "wonderful" while others said it was "cringe".

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