Shocking 'duct tape' bikinis spark outrage: 'Disgusting'

Duct tape bikinis have returned to the runway, but the controversial designs have been labelled ‘painful’ and ‘horrid’.

The Black Tape Project's models looked practically naked on the 2022 New York Fashion Week runway, wearing only a small amount of body tape to cover their modesty.

Two Black Tape Project models walk the runway in a bikini
The unusual fashion statement has caused a stir. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

Model Daniela Laura walked the runway for designer Joel Alvarez and shared snaps of her outfit on Instagram.

“What a dream to walk the runway of NYFW for Black Tape Project. A day I’ll remember forever. Never stop dreaming,” she gushed.


Her outfit consisted of black tape snaking around her cleavage in a cross, symmetrical designs on her upper thigh and three small strips of tape between her legs.

The largest piece of clothing she wore onstage were her black ankle boots.

It didn’t take long for the designs to attract negative attention, with some being ‘disgusted’ by the skimpy outfits.

“Getting the feeling fashion is just a way of trying to see how far they can get away with stuff without being creepy…” one person mused.

“What are they modelling? Skin? This is so disgusting,” a second wrote.

“So it’s like the do-it-yourself IKEA version of fashion? I buy the sex tape and it comes with instructions for me to do the work to turn it into the shape of my bits and pieces myself?” another incredulous person added.

“Oh no! This is so…horrid! This must be stopped at once! Hopefully that doesn’t trigger any other runway shows like this,” a fourth commented.

Daniela Laura and another model pose backstage in their Black Tape Project bikinis
Model Daniela Laura said it was her 'dream' to walk the runway in a Black Tape Project bikini. Photo: Instagram/dani_laurafit (Instagram/dani_laurafit)

However, there was plenty of support on the designer and models’ social media accounts.

“You have created a magnificent empire! And all the models looked amazing!” one told the designer Joel.

“Amazing as always, been an admire since the start,” a second wrote.

Daniela’s fans were also left ‘speechless’, with many congratulating the model.

“Mesmerising and unbelievably gorgeous,” a fan wrote, with another saying she had a body ‘made for tape’.

“This is such a racy look and loving it. Congrats to you,” added another.

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