Doja Cat unleashes on parents for bringing kids to her shows: 'Leave your mistake at home'

"I don't make music for children so leave your kids at home."

Doja Cat has unleashed on parents who bring their kids to her shows in a bizarre X rant that appears to be unprovoked, but it's something the 28-year-old rapper and singer is clearly very passionate about.

"IDK what the f*** you think this is but I don't make music for children so leave your kids at home motherf***er," she began her rant. "I'm rapping about c** why are you bringing your offspring to my show."

Doja Cat
Doja Cat unleashed on parents bringing their kids to her shows in a bizarre Twitter rant. Photo: Getty

She added, "Rappin about eatin d*** and p***in on his v-cut, leave your mistake at home."

"She's right. It's not [a celebrity's] job to monitor what your kids are consuming. Thats YOUR job as a parent," one user responded. "It's sickening seeing parents doing that sh**."


"I can’t believe they bring kids to your concert, like what songs of yours are kids gonna sing along like omg get a babysitter and if you can’t afford it then how you gonna afford the concert," another said.

Others didn't agree, with one user responding, "Most of the people that listens to ur music are children hunny you would be nothing w/o them."

"Awks cause my daughter loves you," another said.

Doja Cat on Twitter
Doja Cat is clearly passionate about the topic... Photo: X

"I probably wouldn’t have known it’s about c**, Doja. When you’re under 13 it’s just vibes," a third said.

"Agree bringing kids to your show is not a good choice, but calling your fans’ children a mistake is so rude," another said, to which Doja Cat responded, "It's f***ing hilarious."

"I know [you] not calling kids mistakes Doja that’s very offensive," another agreed.

It comes after comedian Arj Barker received a wave of negative publicity after kicking a mother and her baby out of his comedy show recently.

ICYMI: Arj was performing earlier this month and asked Trish Faranda and her seven-month-old baby to leave after the baby became a little disruptive to both him and the audience. A family member of the mum's then took to X to share what had happened, noting that the mum was breastfeeding at the time.

Arj Barker on stage
Arj Barker kicked a mother and baby from one of his recent shows. Photo: Getty

This, of course, led to public outrage that a man had kicked a breastfeeding woman out of his event, but Arj told Yahoo Lifestyle that he didn't realise the woman was nursing and "made the decision on behalf of the 700 or so other punters" due to the noise the baby was making, not because the woman was breastfeeding.


During an appearance on Hughesy, Ed & Erin last week, Arj said he couldn't see members of the audience clearly due to the lighting when he was on stage and only asked her to leave because of the "audio disruption of my show, that was going to be untenable for another 50 minutes".

Trish then joined the conversation, telling Arj, "I'm sorry that you were disrupted by my baby, but I do feel that you could have been a bit nicer about how you went about it, and maybe told some of the audience members that it's not okay to yell abuse at people as they're leaving your show... it was extremely disappointing how you handled it and how you let it get out of hand. You offered me a refund of $25, but you know, I'd rather you let me leave with my dignity."

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