Did Mohamed Al-Fayed set up Princess Diana and Dodi’s relationship?

Was Mohamed Al-Fayed really Princess Diana and Dodi's matchmaker?

The Crown season 6 is finally here and the creators chose to represent Mohamed Al-Fayed as Princess Diana and Dodi’s matchmaker. But did that really happen?

According to Deadline, the show “repeatedly implies that the relationship was engineered by Al-Fayed… as part of his ambition to obtain British citizenship.”

Princess Diana (left) and Mohamed Al-Fayed (right) smile as a man in a Harrods uniform stands behind them.
Princess Diana pictured here with Mohamed Al-Fayed.

However, Michael Cole, Mohamed’s former spokesperson, claimed he “never witnessed or had knowledge of Al-Fayed engineering the relationship” and called the suggestion “total nonsense.”

He said, “Netflix and the production company describe The Crown as ‘dramatised fiction’ and I am not going to disagree with that characterisation. That means it is made up.”


“Mohamed was remarkable in many ways… But making two people fall in love with each other? That was beyond even his great talents.”

Discussions of how much of the show is real have been happening since its first season.

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