Prince William's heartbreaking promise to Princess Diana

The touching promise Prince William made to his mother has come to light.

The heartbreaking promise Prince William made to his mother Princess Diana has been revealed.

After her divorce from the then Prince Charles in 1996, Diana’s HRH title was taken away from her. Diana was reportedly “very upset by the decision”.

Princess Diana (right), Prince William (middle) and Prince Harry (left) all wear blue raincoats on the side of a boat
Prince William's touching promise reportedly left his mother in tears.

The loss of the HRH title, according to Woman & Home also meant that the royal protection Diana was afforded disappeared as well.


Former royal butler Paul Burrell claimed a 14-year-old Prince William tried to cheer his mother up by saying, “Don’t worry Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king.”

In his book A Royal Duty, Paul revealed the conversation left Diana in tears. Diana tragically died in 1997, and sadly the promise was never able to be fulfilled.

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