Delta Goodrem's Netflix rom-com Love Is In The Air is getting mixed reviews

One critic called it a 'galumphing heffalump of a movie'.

Delta Goodrem in Love Is In The Air
Delta Goodrem. Photo: Netflix

Delta Goodrem's return to acting in Netflix's Love Is In The Air has introduced her to a brand new global audience.

The rom-com is proving to be a major success on Netflix, currently ranked as the second-most popular movie globally and attracting over 11 million viewers in its first week.

While critics are slamming the sweet but cheesy romance film — with The Guardian calling it a "galumphing heffalump of a movie that is best, and perhaps only, enjoyed by devotees of [Delta Goodrem]" – Netflix fans are lapping it up.

Delta Goodrem and Joshua Sasse in Love Is In The Air
Delta plays a pilot who's trying to keep her family non-profit business alive. Photo: Netflix

Set in Far North Queensland, Love Is In The Air follows Delta's character Dana Randall, a pilot who is fighting to keep her non-profit air service afloat.

A London-based financial representative, William (played by Joshua Sasse) comes in to review the airline's financials and ultimately shut it down, but as he spends more time with Dana and the community, you guessed it, he falls in love.


Some fans have taken to social media to declare their love for the rom-com:

While others haven't been as impressed:

Despite the movie getting questionable reviews, fans did agree on one thing: the leads, Delta and Joshua make one good-looking couple.

Currently, on Rotten Tomatoes, Love Is In The Air is ranking at 29% with an audience score of 58%.

"It’s missing that spark to fully warrant a recommendation largely because it seems better suited for a TV series," one person reviewed.


"To its credit, Love Is In The Air is perfectly pleasant. Also to its credit, it's easily forgettable," another said.

"The best part about Love Is in the Air is how soothingly predictable the script is. This film won’t keep you anywhere near the edge of your seat. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing," another reviewed.

Love Is In The Air is now streaming on Netflix, so in good news, you can make your own mind up.

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