Bride tricks friend into wearing white before embarrassing her: 'Bully'

A guest recently wore a white dress to a wedding, but in a twist, people defended the guest and slammed the bride’s reaction.

The young woman took to the popular internet forum Reddit to explain her situation, asking if she was in the wrong for wearing white to her good friend’s wedding.

A bride and groom sit sadly on a set of chairs
A bride has come under fire for 'bullying' her friend. Photo: Getty

She described her unique situation, saying that her close friend Charlotte was getting married and she helped the bride-to-be plan the elaborate wedding for 18 months. In a generous move, she also gifted Charlotte $250 to help pay for the celebration.

A month before the wedding, the 20-year-old asked the bride what dress she should wear, so that she wouldn’t ruin the ‘vision’ of her special day.

“She asked if I would actually pull out all my dresses, so I did. She ended up narrowing it down to one of my picks, along with a dress I had put firmly in the ‘no’ pile for being white. It was a wedding after all,” she explains.


Charlotte told the guest that she liked the white dress, and even picked out matching white and pink heels for her to wear on the day.

“I [asked] Charlotte more than once asking if she was sure, and she insisted I wear the white dress. She said I would look lovely and she wanted me to look my best for her wedding because she wanted very nice pictures and videos. I would not have worn this dress if she had not assured me multiple times that it was what SHE wanted,” she adds.

When she arrived for Charlotte’s wedding in a white dress, she says that people were giving her ‘weird looks’, but nobody confronted her.

“When Charlotte comes out of her dressing room for some last minute pictures, she looks shocked to see me, and then she starts turning red. She pulls me aside and starts going off on me immediately about wearing the dress to her wedding. I’m stunned,” she continues.

The bride screamed at the wedding guest, saying that she failed a 'friendship test'. Photo: Getty
The bride screamed at the wedding guest, saying that she failed a 'friendship test'. Photo: Getty

After the guest reminded the bride that wearing a white dress wasn’t her choice, Charlotte started screaming at her.

“She told me it was a ‘friendship test’ and that if we were real friends then I wouldn’t have worn a white dress or her shoes to her wedding. I started laughing because I honestly thought it was a joke, and she screamed at me that I ruined her ‘f-ing wedding’ and to ‘get the f**k out’.”

To add to the strange situation, Charlotte wasn’t even wearing white to her wedding, her dress was blue.

After leaving the wedding, the guest says that she’s received so many texts, voicemails and social media notifications from Charlotte’s family, friends and the bride herself.

People were quick to leap to the wedding guest’s defence, saying that the bride was firmly in the wrong.

“She tested whether or not she was your friend, and guess what? She’s not! Your friend lied to your face and embarrassed you in public just to see if she could,” wrote one person.

“This wasn’t a ‘friendship test’, this was Charlotte using her wedding as a means to publicly bully and humiliate [the guest],” another added.

“She told you countless times it was okay to wear the white dress. True friendship doesn’t need a test. Only a crazy person does that sh*t,” a third wrote.

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