Bridesmaid slammed after breaking unspoken rule: 'Terrible'

A bridesmaid has been slammed online for breaking a common wedding rule, wearing white when you’re not a bride.

To make matters worse, the bridesmaid chose a wedding gown with a train and claimed it was the ‘perfect dress’.

Bride and Groom dance while groomsmen and bridesmaids surround them.
The bride's friend wants to wear a wedding dress to her wedding. Photo: Getty

Taking to popular online forum website Reddit, the bride’s sister shared a photo of the bridesmaid along with the caption: “My sister is getting married…this is the dress one of her bridesmaids bought.”

Explaining the situation further, she wrote: “For context — bridesmaids were told to pick out any 'gold' dress. This is literally a wedding gown. We found it online and it even has a train.

“She bought it without running it by the bride. She sent this photo with the text, ‘I found the perfect dress to wear to your wedding, so I bought it!’. My poor sister is trying to find a way to ask her to return it without causing drama!” she wrote.


“She argued that it’s ‘champagne.’ Barely!” she wrote in a comment, adding that the dress is closer to ‘ivory’.

“I’ve seen lots of dresses that are called ‘champagne’ that would have passed as gold and been perfect. This is not one of them!”

The woman was upset on her sister's behalf, adding that “a lot of people struggle to play a supporting role in other people’s lives for ONE DAY.”

Photo of a woman in a mirror wearing a white wedding gown
The bridesmaid claimed that this dress was 'gold' and perfect. Photo: Reddit/weddingshaming

The post was popular, with the majority slamming the bridesmaid’s dress choice.

“I would probably say something kinda asinine if I were your sister. ‘Oh! Thank you for the suggestion, I already picked out my dress! Have you found yours yet? Let me see those beautiful gold dresses!’,” one person advised.

“Besides the fact that it’s a terrible dress, why white? WHY?” someone else asked.

“I feel like some people wait until they are in a wedding party to really display how bad of a friend they are. Like, some people can fake being normal for years, and all of a sudden being part of a wedding breaks down the facade,” added a third.

“There is zero chance she didn’t know 100 per cent what she was doing. That’s why she says ‘so I bought it’ instead of ‘what do you think?’, like literally any normal person would. She’s banking on your sister being too nice/passive to actually call her out on her bullsh*t,” another wrote.

“Just throw away the whole bridesmaid,” one quipped, with the sister saying she ‘supports’ this idea.

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