Internet loses it over Coles and Aldi Christmas cooking fails: 'Nailed it'

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a gingerbread house and the much-loved Christmas cooking tradition is certainly popular as ever this year.

But despite the ease of being able to buy it in a kit, it’s certainly not as easy to assemble as it looks.


From Coles Gingerbread Houses to Aldi Gingerbread Trains, the Christmas tradition kits have been flying off shelves, but they’re not working out successfully for everyone sending social media into a series of hilarious posts.

One shopper shared a picture of her attempted gingerbread train saying, “Yep….we nailed it! Would love to see others who’ve attempted this.”

Gingerbread train cooking fail
This gingerbread train fail had people in stitches. Photo: Facebook

Funny Christmas cooking fails

Her image started a hilarious series of posts from others who had also achieved perfectly imperfect results.

“You did a lot better than my Coles gingerbread house, but it gave us all a good laugh…” one person said on their own attempts.

“We tried it last year and it was an absolute train wreck. I’d always done the houses and they were great but the train…never again. We just started eating it before we’d even completely finished cause it looked so bad,” another person wrote.

“Mine didn't even make it to this stage #crumblecity,” joked another.

Gingerbread house fail
People shared their funniest cooking fails. Photo: Facebook

Dozens of others commented with hilarious stories about their gingerbread cooking fails of their crumbled creations.

Some of the funniest results had collapsed walls, had been decorated with half-eaten biscuits, and some fallen trains simply had a chocolate dinosaur added on top in an attempt to salvage their efforts.

Gingerbread house collapsed
When it comes to Christmas cooking some recipes are certainly more of a challenge than others. Source: Facebook

It's not just about the end result

But despite the Christmas cooking catastrophes, the majority of people agreed it wasn’t about perfect results but all about the laughs and festive fun.

“The laughter and adventures were plenty..only just got them together before they were apart again...finger-licking fun,” one person wrote.

“The best most enjoyable ones are those done with kids! Choo Choo!” added another.

“This post is the best entertainment in the world. I have just truly loved seeing all your efforts and stories, especially the eaten projects. Well done to all. Very funny,” a third said.

Not all are disasters

But amongst all the collapsed houses and wonky trains, some shared some seriously good creations.

Some even added chocolate Santas behind the wheel of the train, added extra lollies as decorations and even embellished the wheels with decorated Oreo biscuits.

Gingerbread house and train
This is a perfect picture of how the creations should have looked. Photo: Facebook

For those still planning on creating a gingerbread masterpiece this year, the post was also full of tips on how to get it right.

Firstly, gingerbread houses should never go in the fridge - even if you are trying to set the icing. The fridge will make the biscuits soft. Additionally, if you're looking for a stronger form of icing you can whip up your own in no time that will stick the pieces together much better.

"I used melted/heated sugar from a pan to connect the pieces instead of the icing! It sets instantly and it's stickier. Works a treat!" One person shared.

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