Aldi advent calendar detail leaves shopper baffled: 'Happens every year'

Advent calendars are well and truly being put to good use right now in the lead-up to Christmas.

But one Aldi shopper was left a little confused when she started counting down to Christmas with her Truck-Shaped Wooden Advent Calendar.

Advent calendar in a basket
Advent calendars are out in full force. Photo: Getty Images

The Advent calendar was part of the store’s Special Buys on Wednesday November 10 and has 24 numbered wooden drawers to put your own little treats in.

As she started to count down the days on December 1, she realised a big problem with her calendar. The numbers didn’t quite add up.

“I feel like this is a fail,” she wrote on Facebook. “Has anyone else had a defective calendar?!”


Alongside her comment, she added an image of her wooden calendar which showed a double-up of number 11 and no number nine.

Although some said it took them a while to reliase what was missing from the calendar, another shopper said her son noticed straight away.

Aldi advent calendar
The strange mix-up wasn't noticed until the shopper got her calendar home and began using it. Source: Facebook.

“My two-year-old son was confused and asked where is nine?” One person wrote on her post.

Meanwhile, others said, “this happens every year” with one shopper saying the same thing happened to her.

“Yeah I got a defective one last year... Could you return it? If not, I'd try to fix it somehow,” one person added.

“I regularly get defective books, books with pages missing, pages upside down makes it extremely hard when a toddler is so excited to read his new book,” said another.

But despite the strange detail double-up other shoppers helpfully suggested ways it could be fixed.

“When you have finished with 6 turn it upside down,” one person suggested.

“Could you repaint the fronts and put xmas stickers on there? Kinda give it a glow up lol,” put forward another.

“Pop an elf on the shelf next to it with a white-out marker.... say they were being cheeky and changed it and forever you can say the elf change the numbers... if you have kids that it,” another creative person added.

Aldi advent calendar
Instead of returning the item, some fellow Aldi shoppers suggested ways she could fix it to look more like the original. Source: Aldi

While there were those who offered some help, others certainly saw the funny side.

“9,11 we have an emergency,” one person joked.

“‘On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…’nothing, you get NOTHING,” another wrote.

“I think 7 ate 9,” a third quipped.

Aldi’s return policy for defective items says they can be returned to your chosen Aldi store.

“If you're not completely satisfied with one of our everyday grocery items or Special Buys, you can return it for a refund or replacement within 60 days,” the Aldi website says.

“Simply bring the product back to any ALDI store with proof of purchase (eg. ... Our friendly staff will then assist you with a refund or replacement.”

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