Kmart DIY Christmas gift people are loving: 'These look amazing'

Coming up with thoughtful Christmas presents for friends and acquaintances can be hard these days, when people tend to buy what they want, when they want it.

But nothing says you've thought of someone more than something handmade.

"I love a DIY Christmas present as something small for my extended family members who come and spend Boxing Day with us," Amy Lynch wrote in a Facebook group.

"As soon as I saw these Kmart jars and glasses, I knew I wanted to make something.

Homemade cookie mix in Kmart festive jars with labels
One woman shares her homemade gift idea using Kmart jars. Photo: Supplied

"I found the cookie recipe online and it came with the free tag pdf ... just need to laminate them and tie them onto the jars," she added.

"The circle tags will be stuck on the lids too!

"I’m so happy with the end result.

"Fingers crossed I can get some more to make some gifts for my work friends too."


Facebook group in favour

Followers loved Amy's project.

"These look amazing. Well done," one mum wrote.

"Love it!," many others added.

"I did cookies in a jar last year for family and teacher gifts and everyone loved them, even asked if I’m doing them again this year," another mum said.

Three Christmas themed jars from Kmart  with Santa, an elf and a reindeer on them, just $6
The three Christmas themed jars from Kmart are a bargain. Photo: Kmart

The jars Amy used are from Kmart's Christmas range and are a bargain at just $6 for three.

Amy also shared a link to the recipe she used, with printable labels and recipe cards from American cooking blogger Sally's Baking Addiction.

In praise of handmade

"I do handmade gifts every year if I can," mum-of-one Amy told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I have a handmade business myself and I love being able to give people something that you can’t just go and buy off a shelf and actually feels personal and like someone has actually put some thought into buying it.

"If I can buy some handmade items from another small business, that is also a win, so I’ve got more stuff under my tree from independent companies too."

Amy started her business sewing, crocheting and knitting baby clothes while on maternity leave six years ago.

"Basically if I can teach myself a skill then I’ll try my best," she told us.

Three Kmart Christmas painted glasses with succulents planted in them
Amy also up-cycled Kmart's Christmas glasses with succulents. Photo: Supplied

Amy also found a set of six Santa and Friends Stemless Glasses for $12 from Kmart and potted them up with succulents as another thoughtful gift.

It's amazing what unique and personal gifts a bit of imagination and a little work can produce.

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