Aldi shoppers reveal their top Christmas products: 'Buy every year'

With Christmas fast approaching many organised Aussies have already stocked their fridge, freezer and pantry with all the necessary goodies.

Not only is there the scrumptious Christmas day menu to cater for but also snacks and seasonal treats to make sure the run-up and post-Christmas period are just as special as the big day itself.

Group of friends having celebration dinner together, directly above view. Photo: Getty Images.
The festive season is a chance to eat, drink and be merry. Photo: Getty Images.

But what if you're still considering your foodie options? Luckily the members of the Aldi Mum's Group on Facebook are sharing their top Aldi products to inspire your shopping list for your next trip to the store.

From goose fat potatoes to a Christmas boneless turkey roll, these seasoned shoppers have been loud and proud about their favourite Aldi cult buys.

Here are our top picks from their list:

Goose Fat Potatoes, $3.99

Product shot of Aldi's goose fat crispy roasting potatoes
Everyone has been going crazy for Aldi's goose fat crispy roasting potatoes. Photo: Aldi

If you haven't heard about the fervour around these yet you must live under a foodie shopping rock.

The $3.99 Specially Selected Goose Fat Crispy Roasting Potatoes are so popular they regularly sell out with some customers buying multiple packets at a time to ensure that they don't run out.

"We LOVE them…crispy on the outside & creamy on the inside," one mum confessed. "I have 8 bags in the freezer!!!"

They are a Special Buy for the Christmas season though Aldi often makes popular Special Buy products a regular line if there is enough demand.


Christmas boneless turkey roll, $13.99

product shot of Aldi's Turkey Breast Roast
Aldi's Turkey Breast Roast is a must-buy for Christmas. Photo: Aldi.

Christmas means turkey and it seems Aldi Mums prefer the rolled turkey breast. "Our family loves the Christmas boneless turkey roll," one mum wrote.

"The frozen turkey with stuffing is yummy," another reveals. "I buy them every year and serve Christmas day. Everyone loves it!"

Honey roasted parsnips, $2.99

Another favourite — and not just for Christmas — is the Aldi honey roasted parsnips. Great with any type of roast, these are another one the mums stock up for when they're in store.

"The honey roasted parsnips go AMAZINGLY in the air fryer," one mum shared.

"The honey parsnips are unreal!" another enthused. "We sprinkle a little mustard powder on them and it's so good!"

Dutch Pancakes, $3.99

product shot of Aldi's Food Envy Mini Dutch Pancakes
Aldi's Food Envy Mini Dutch Pancakes are perfect with your favourite spread or topping. Photo: Aldi.

These mini sweet puffy pancakes are perfect on their own, with a sprinkle of icing sugar as they are served in Holland or with a drizzle of honey, maple syrup or Nutella.

"OMG how good are the mini Dutch pancakes," one mum said on one post. "40 seconds in the microwave."

"Aldi for the win again," another Facebook fan added.

Garlic Dip, $2.79

product shot of Aldi's Deli Fresh Garlic Dip
Aldi's Deli Fresh Garlic Dip is a versatile buy all year round. Photo: Aldi.

This dip is not just a snacking accompaniment - many fans use it as a base for all sorts of dishes but particularly popular is as a cheats hack for garlic pizza.

"I’ve seen so many people commenting about the garlic dip, so thought I’d try it tonight for a garlic pizza and OMG, it was delicious," one mum wrote.

"Jumped on the garlic dip bandwagon! OMG! I can never eat anything else with my pizza ever again!" another agreed.

"The whole cheesy garlic pizza trend might cause Aldi to run out of stock of garlic dip," one fan predicted!

So run, don't walk to Aldi if this dip is on your Christmas menu list.

Tiramisu, $4.99

product shot of Aldi's Food Envy Italian Family Desserts tiramisu
Aldi's Food Envy Italian Family Desserts tiramisu will feed the hordes this festive season. Photo: Aldi

If you have a big family coming for Christmas then Aldi's 500g tiramisu can feed them all.

"The huge chilled tiramisu is a must if you have enough mouths to share it, as it has a short life once opened, but is delicious," one mum suggested.

"If you are in a state that sells alcohol, I also recommend the Salted Caramel flavoured O’Donnell’s country cream that came out recently," she added helpfully.

Spinach and feta gozleme, $4.49

product shot of Aldi's Urban Eats Turkish style gozleme feta and spinach
Aldi's Urban Eats Turkish style gozleme is just like a Turkish takeaway, according to fans. Photo: Aldi

Aldi Mums know not everything is about Christmas day itself and some shared the snacks and light meals that kept their loved ones happy over the holiday period.

One that many agreed on is Aldi's range of Turkish-style gozleme for a quick lunch or afternoon tea snack.

"The spinach and cheese gozleme is delish. I just put it in the microwave to defrost then light fry or put it in a sandwich press. Drizzle with fresh lemon juice," one of the Facebook group members wrote.

Triple choc brownie mix, $2.49

product shot of Aldi's White Mill Brownie Mix
Aldi's White Mill Brownie Mix is a delicious homemade 'cheat'. Photo: Aldi

Finally, if you love the smell and taste of freshly baked treats but lack the time or skills, use this cheat to impress friends and family. The White Mill brownie mix from Aldi is a quick and delicious way of impressing at home.

"Triple choc brownie packet mix it is so addictive they definitely give Donna Hay a run for her money," one Facebook user says.

What are your must-haves from Aldi for Christmas?

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