Chrissie Swan reveals cheeky gift to Karl Stefanovic after Logies roast

Chrissie Swan has revealed the cheeky gift that she gave Karl Stefanovic after roasting him on stage at the 2022 Logie Awards last month.

The Masked Singer panellist, who recently wrapped her temporary hosting duties on The Project, received some of the biggest laughs during TV’s night of nights when she poked fun at the Today star while presenting the award for Most Popular Lifestyle Program.

Chrissie Swan and Karl Stefanovic at The Logies.
Chrissie Swan roasted Karl Stefanovic on stage while presenting the Logie for Most Popular Lifestyle Program. Photo: Channel Nine

“I came to rehearsal so I get to do the announcement,” Chrissie told Karl, which left the audience in stitches.

“I was in [Gold Coast nightclub] Cocktails and Dreams, living my best life,” he replied after she had given him a kiss on the cheek.

Chrissie also received plenty of laughs when she called out Karl’s awkward slip of the tongue after he said that people visiting the Gold Coast can “get right up it” in their tracksuit and Ugg boots.

“You can ‘get right up it’?” she remarked. “I think the phrase is ‘you can get on it’, but you can get up it if you want to!”


Speaking on Fitzy & Wippa on Thursday morning, Chrissie revealed that she gave Karl a gift following their hilarious Logies banter.

“I went straight out the next day to a homewares store and I bought him a roasting pan,” she shared.

“And I sent it directly to him and said, ‘Thank you so much’. And also I said, ‘As Sam Pang says Karlos, don't ever forget it, you only roast the ones you love’.”

Chrissie Swan on The Project.
Chrissie said she bought Karl a roasting pan because ‘you only roast the ones you love’. Photo: Channel Ten

‘I was also a bit nervous’

Chrissie’s comments come shortly after Peter Helliar told Yahoo Lifestyle that he was initially “nervous” about her being selected to replace Carrie Bickmore on The Project.

“It was a big chair for Chrissie to sit into,” he said. “She’s obviously been on the show before in that fourth seat, but that’s the seat where you’re reading the news.

“So I was excited to have her on but I was also a bit nervous because I was like, she hasn't read news before. People like Carrie and Lisa [Wilkinson] make it seem really easy and effortless, but there is a real craft and art to it and reading the news is something I'm glad I don't have to do.”

The comedian went on to reveal that he even checked with the producers to make sure Chrissie was okay with the duties in her new role.

“She absolutely was and she just took it on with both hands and came with a smile on her face every day with great energy,” he continues.

“And to be honest, the biggest compliment I can give her as far as the job goes is that we thought the three months was going to take forever because Carrie’s the captain of our team, there's no doubt about it, and it actually went quite quickly.”

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