Chrissie Swan's 'surprising' health decision: 'Liberating'

Chrissie Swan has taken to Instagram to reveal a 'surprising' health decision she made that made her feel 'liberated'.

The Masked Singer judge recently underwent a health and fitness transformation and has credited walking as being very important for her mental health.

Chrissie Swan
Chrissie Swan has revealed she was 'surprised' by how 'liberated' she felt after making a decision for her health a few years ago. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

Speaking of what has made her so successful in her health journey, the host shared that the simple task of wearing running shoes almost everywhere was the best decision she made.

She wrote on Instagram, "I made the decision a few years back that I was just going to wear the stuff that allowed me to do the things I wanted to do."


"This decision freed me up in ways I can’t describe. And let's face it – you can’t ‘fly’ in high heels!"

Chrissie continued, "It’s a bit about not caring what people think, and a bit about removing any obstacle that prevents me from moving for my mental health... Every day I put on my runners FIRST thing and I don't think about it again – I just get on to living my best life.

Chrissie Swan in a pink dress
Chrissie shared that she's much more comfortable in her sneakers than in heels. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

"I’ve found it to be the most liberating decision of my life – so simple. It surprised me. I feel as long as these shoes are on my feet, nothing can stop me from getting out there and seeing the world and finding treasures in the ordinary things. So far, so good!"

Chrissie's fitness hack

Chrissie also shared another 'hack' earlier this year, revealing she purchased a waterproof and windproof jacket to keep her dry when it's raining so she can still go on her daily walks, no matter the weather.

Chrissie Swan in a waterproof jacket
Chrissie recently shared a fitness hack, revealing a waterproof jacket has come in handy to ensure she goes on her daily walk, no matter the weather. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

"My idea of excitement these days is trialling my new waterproof/windproof jacket while walking in the rain," she captioned the photo.

"Pleased to report I was warm AND dry the whole time! It worked! Thrilled," Chrissie finished the Instagram post.

Chrissie has also taken up meditation and long daily walks, writing on Instagram earlier this year: "Learning how to meditate kicked it off for me and I realised after the first 10-minute block that it was the first time in ages I'd stopped and slowed down with my own wellbeing top of mind."

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