Chrissie Swan on hardest part of keeping her Masked Singer 'secret'

Chrissie Swan has become somewhat of a fashion icon lately (though she doesn't believe she is) with fans absolutely loving her outfits during her time hosting The Project recently.

And while she might not see herself as a 'fashion person' the presenter has recently designed a range of hoodies with her best friend of 30 years, Rebecca Thompson, who also dressed Chrissie for much of her time on The Project.

Chrissie Swan and her best friend Rebecca Thompson
Chrissie Swan and her best friend of 30 years Rebecca Thompson have recently worked together on a project for the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation. Photo: Supplied

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the Sisterhoodies, in support of the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation, Chrissie and Rebecca shared how they've enjoyed working together over the years ever since they were 15 years old at the Camberwell Markets.


Chrissie is seemingly happy to let Rebecca guide her when it comes to fashion though, telling us, "If it wasn’t for Rebecca, you’d only ever see me dressed in leggings and tracksuits - that’s what I feel most comfortable in! Which is why we’ve co-designed a ‘hoodie’ – it’s truly representative of my style."

When asked if she'd ever seen herself as a fashion icon, the presenter was quick to use it as another opportunity to sing Rebecca's praises, saying, "Personally, I don’t consider myself to be a fashion icon. The fact that people comment on my outfits is a testament to Rebecca’s style sense. She has always styled and dressed me throughout our friendship."

Chrissie Swan in a dress by Rebecca Thompson
Chrissie's followers loved seeing her in Rebecca's designs on The Project. Photo: Ten
The Sisterhoodies
The Sisterhoodies that Chrissie and Rebecca designed together. Photo: Supplied

Speaking of being able to dress Chrissie for The Project, Rebecca said, "Loved is an understatement! Chrissie is a dream to dress and thankfully because we know each other so well it's a quick, easy job. More like an excuse to catch up, truth be told."

The host also shared why she feels it's important to support the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation.

"The Priceline Sisterhood Foundation is amazing - for over ten years they've been supporting women and their families, and have raised more than $8.65 million since inception. This year, they've got their eyes set on achieving a $10M milestone which is magnificent, and can only be achieved by people power – so please make sure your heading into your local Priceline store and rounding up your purchase to donate!"

She continued, "Every dollar donated goes directly to the Sisterhood Foundation’s four charity partners: Dementia Australia, Motherless Daughters Australia, PANDA and Raise Foundation, and if you donate $3 or more, you go into the chance to win 1 of 400 Sisterhoodies!"

Chrissie's dream Masked Singer performer

The Masked Singer Australia judges
Chrissie will be joining Abbie Chatflied, Mel B and Dave Hughes as a judge on the Masked Singer this year. Photo: Ten

Chrissie was recently announced as one of the three new Masked Singer judges joining Dave Hughes for the next season with the presenter revealing it wasn't all that hard to keep her new gig a secret, though there was one thing that could have been her undoing.

The presenter reveals she wasn't holding onto the Masked Singer secret for very long.

"It all happened so quickly so I didn’t have to keep it under my hat for too long," she explained to us. "I am a vault though so I could’ve!"

However, her children, who she has previously revealed are not very good liars were also holding on to the secret, "I had to consult my kids as to whether or not I’d take the job so they were sworn to secrecy which was a bit of a challenge for them but they did it."

When it comes to dream contestants on the Masked Singer, Chrissie shared the one celebrity she'd love to unmask, "I’m really hoping for Rick Springfield who’s responsible for my all-time fave karaoke song Jessie’s Girl!"

Head to Priceline and spend $3 or more to go into the draw to win one of 400 exclusive Sisterhoodies!

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