Chris Brown shares topless Logies scandal: 'Unnecessary'

Dr Chris Brown revealed he was nervous he wouldn’t 'be allowed back onto the red carpet' at this year’s Logies.

Celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown has revealed he experienced an embarrassing moment at last year's Logie Awards, saying he was nervous he wouldn't be allowed back this year.

Speaking on Triple M’s Mick & MG in the Morning on Tuesday, Dr. Chris, who will host this year's Logies red carpet with Gold Logie nominee Sonia Kruger, revealed a very awkward moment left many stunned at the star-studded event.

Chris Brown and Sonia Kruger posing with a Gold Logie
Dr Chris Brown will co-host the Logies red carpet with Sonia Kruger on July 30. Photo: Instagram
Dr Chris Brown on radio wearing a navy top
Dr Chris Brown revealed the mystery from last year’s Logies that continues to haunt him. Picture: Supplied

“I don’t think I’ll be allowed back onto the red carpet after last year’s Logies,” the former I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! co-host said.

“I’m surprised this actually didn’t get out."

The star disclosed that he had arrived at the event and was going about his business when he started receiving a multitude of “strange looks”.

“So I’m on the red carpet and I’m getting a lot of sideways glances and not the kind you want,” he said.

“Then about sort of half an hour into it I reckon about 20 people have given me strange looks … just looking disapprovingly in my direction.”


The vet was utterly perplexed until Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis gave him some clarity on the situation.

Gardening Australia's Costa Georgiadis wearing a plaid shirt with his arms crossed
Gardening Australia's Costa Georgiadis broke the news to Brown. Picture: Instagram

“Costa comes up with his phone and goes, ‘Hey, look, we’re mates but I thought this was a little unnecessary’,” he said.

Turns out, a mysterious impostor had been punking the Bondi native.

“Someone had changed their phone name, which you can do, to Dr Chris Brown (Bondi Vet), and was air dropping topless photos of me, shots of me emerging from the surf, paparazzi photos, air dropping them to random people on the red carpet,” he said.

“I, to this day, have no idea how many people received a topless photo from me, apparently, on the red carpet.”

Chris Brown topless holding a surfboard
A topless photo of the star was doing the rounds of the red carpet. Picture: Instagram

Chris will team up with Gold Logie nominee Sonia Kruger to co-host the Logies red carpet on July 30th.

Sonia Kruger said in a statement that she’d like to thank the network for giving her an “early Christmas present”.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Chris Brown on the amuse-bouche to the main event, the main course if you will, with the very tasty Sam Pang,” she said, referring to this year’s Logies host.

“Chris has such great, natural charisma and a brilliant sense of humour. With my brains and Chris’ beauty, this red-carpet show is going to be fresh, fun, unpredictable and bigger than ever. It will be one of the best nights ever for both the television industry and the viewers at home. I can’t wait.”

Chris also shared that he “genuinely can’t wait” to work alongside Sonia for the very first time, describing her as “naturally funny, fearless, flawless and a party animal”.

“As far as I’m concerned, Sonia Kruger is the Logies,” he said.

“There's a real excitement around the Logies being unpredictable this year. However, luring Sam Pang off the green of the local golf course to host might be the wildest swing of all. I honestly can't wait!”

The gig will be Chris’ first major role with Channel Seven since he joined the network’s line-up of personalities.


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