Sophie Dillman dishes behind-the-scenes Logies secrets: 'I did not remain calm'

EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away's Sophie Dillman reveals that one time her gown was stepped on by Karl Stefanovic.

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Sophie Dillman in a Conillo dress at the Logies
Sophie Dillman dishes the goss after attending the Logies three times. Photo: Getty Images

The day is almost upon us once again. The biggest day in Australian television, a day curated to celebrate Australian talent and Australian stories - The Australian TV Week Logies.

In its 63rd year, the biggest stars from every corner of the entertainment world come together to celebrate the craft they love most, acknowledge their peers and thank the Australian public for keeping our industry alive.


I have been lucky enough to attend the Logies three times in my life (and hopefully will attend again in the future). If I could describe the event in three words it would be sparkly, overwhelming, FUN! It’s not often that you dress in ball gowns, wear the most incredible makeup, THE MOST expensive jewels and sit at tables where your gown is stepped on by Karl Stefanovic, Hamish Blake, Roger Corser, Kelly Rowland (I did not remain calm).

Sophie Dillman in a pink gown at the Logies
The actress details the chaotic energy surrounding the awards show. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Dillman

The lead-up to the day is even more chaotic than the actual night and I can tell you the team of people that I need to look red carpet ready rivals the team required to run the whole event.

There are publicists making sure you make your flights, have somewhere to stay, and don’t get too drunk for your live cross the next morning (guilty...)

There are talented stylists who create incredible looks for everyone on the red carpet. They take into consideration your style, the public persona you have and the relationships you have created to partner you with your perfect look. There are brilliant makeup artists who turn my blotchy, sweaty skin into sparkly velvet. There are fake tans, waxing, facials, bags, shoes, party feet, very tight underwear or no underwear at all.

I do have a special mention of the diamonds. I have never been so scared to be presented with a necklace worth more than a house to borrow for the evening. I very quickly spat out my pre-event champagne and politely declined.

I will say my love affair for my Conillio dresses will never fail and I will be buried in that pink opera coat.

Sophie Dillman and Patrick O Connor
Sophie and her partner, Patrick, at the 2019 Logies. Photo: Getty Images

The morning of the event for men is easy, a slow wake up, a breakfast to cure their first night fever and maybe a shower. For us girls, the alarm goes early. I normally wake up, get a coffee, go for a walk and do a quick workout. Now it’s time for breakfast and a panic attack closely followed by a shower and some very deep breaths.

Before long, it’s time for hair and makeup and after what feels like a blink of an eye, you are being strapped into your dress that you can’t pee in until you take it off at the end of the night.

But my goodness, I have NEVER loved myself more than those nights. I have never looked and felt more beautiful. My teams of creatives in the years past are wizards and I will never forget those moments.

Gosh, we haven’t even left the hotel yet. Stay tuned for part two.

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